Weapon farming stages

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User Info: inazutanto

4 years ago#1
Any good suggestions for Inferno weapon farming? I've been using stage 14 (the one with Hectors landing on the beach) and trying to farm stage 56 (mountain stage with three artillery Hectors and three dropships dropping black ants) but kept getting overwhelmed so have been farming armor in the mean time. Any good stages in between these two? Thanks.

User Info: MatrixAndrAIa

4 years ago#2
Mission 71 is relatively easy. I was able to get the Lysander Z for the Ranger there. The rooms are closed in, so the hornet threat is toned down, since they can't fly all over the damn place. Pretty short too.

The tunnel mission with the queen ants is pretty good too. I can't remember offhand which one it is because I'm not at home right now. Maybe 29 or in the 30s? I found some high 60s weapons there. Kind of long, but not too bad if you funnel the enemies in after you and just pick them off.

Mission 11 is easy if you just hide under the first bridge that the street passes under. I've been told that you can only find up to level 55 weaponry there, but it works if you don't have tons of armor yet.

All that said, Mission 71 is best because of how fast and easy it is.
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User Info: geelw

4 years ago#3
What class are you playing as? Some people don't like for for some odd reason, but (Pale) Wing Diver has it easiest on farming most maps because of her mobility (you'll pick up MORE drops with her than any other class).

71 is great, 11 is also, but you can get killed on occasion under that bridge if you get ships on both sides shooting at you (it happens once in a while). That queen ant map is also great, but yeah - I'm not home either, so I forget the number. Try it on Normal or Hard to get the pattern you need down and the bump up the difficulty. The MAIN problem with that map is that last room if you're too close to the entrance to the queen area. that acid spray will wipe you out in seconds if you're not prepared.
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User Info: inazutanto

4 years ago#4
I'm playing as ranger right now. Tried 71 but don't have any good grenade launchers that could keep the spiders in the beginning at bay. The stage with the queen ants is 31, that one is totally doable with my current weapons. I'll be farming that one hopefully getting the grenade launcher I need for 71. Thanks!

User Info: Borei_no_Shi

3 years ago#5
If you have the 2nd Mission pack they released, mission 16 is the best I've found for weapon farming. I believe you can find all level weapons (I've played it with my Wing Diver and have gotten the highest tier she can find). It's quick, the enemies (spiders, lots of silvers which drop 3 items each, with a wave of gold ants at the end) are staggered so there isn't much danger if you play carefully and you'll net upwards of 20 weapons with each go. Filled out my Wing Diver's roster in under a session or two.
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