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User Info: zegram33

3 years ago#1
Hi all,

I've been doing a lot of looking around and I really like the look of the air raider class in this game (I always love engineer type classes)

however, I was just wondering: how does the class work mechanically?
I read in a topic on this board that vehicles recharge based on how many kills you get, is that how all the "powers" recharge?
or is it like insect Armageddon for turrets and such, where you could just lay a certain amount of deployables, and that's that.

so basically, I'd just like to ask how the class works:
with vehicles
with airstrikes
with turrets
with the beacon+shield deployables
with mines and other explosive deployables

do the deployables take up a weapon slot or is it like Insect Armageddon where you have a seperate menu for that?
and if they all work off the "kill" system or not. I really hope not for the explosives especially.
also: how many kills are required, roughly? I mean like, is a bike+sidecar equivalent to about 10 ants or about 100?
is a helicopter/mech equivalent to like 20 ants or like 200?
just a ballpark figue

basically: I really like what the Air Raider has in terms of abilities, but I Know nothing about how it works, so I thought id ask you guys, and see if theres any sort of list of it you guys know of somewhere?

User Info: Herzon316

3 years ago#2
The Air Raider is different from the standard formula in that it has three equipment slots, two for anything but vehicles, and one just for vehicles. So this is not like EDF:IA with its deployable menu. The first two slots contains gear that will reload when you hit the reload button, except for healing posts/guns and the laser designator which never needs to reload. This covers all Limpet guns, claymore mines, turrets, a variety of explosives, attack/defense buff posts/guns, barrier shields, and decoy ballons. For turrets/mines/etc while they have a limit: 3 turrets, 10 mines, once those are out of ammo/exploded you will go to reload. You can hit reload button and enter reload early before they have all been used. So its like 2017 but you don't have to use them all to reload.

Also in the first two slots are all airstrikes: mortars, missiles, bombing/strafing runs, and orbital laser attacks. These, like vehicles, use the unique system of reloading only by enemy kills. It does not matter who kills it, so NPCs and co-op teammates will refill your gauge. There is also an unknown limit/designation where some strikes or vehicles are not immediately ready for use at the start of the mission, about 5~6K seems to be the case in reload points, and need kills to finish filling the gauge. This is often the super tank/mech/heli or giant missile, think ICBM as a call down. Value wise its very easy to get a few hundred points, few K not too bad, 6K+ is a while if its all ants. Enemies have different point values, so hectors, carriers, and other giant enemies are worth much more than ants or spiders.

This means you can be active in battle on foot, Limpets, turrets, etc to power airstrikes or call in vehicles. Or be vehicles based and call one in and do your damage from there to refill a fresh one using buffs or airstrikes occasionally. You can go full support, requires teamwork so PUGs don't really let you do this, with laser marker for homing missiles (Fencer has some that only fire using the marker), buffs or healing, and some vehicle of choice. This could be for others to use or ride in, or pull out the armored ambulance to have people climb in for mobile healing.

I only hope the game comes patched with the gear changes they made, it was pretty much universally better due to it. is my preferred place for weapon info, but it is in Japanese so it might not be the best for you. Google Translate does a pretty good job with the weapon tables though the text requires work sorting it out.

6 weeks and counting until I start all over with a new crew of people!

Herzon Hree'Sith

User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#3
Herzon316 posted...
6 weeks and counting until I start all over with a new crew of people!

I'm going to love farming missions again! EDF 2025 will be my most favorite game in 2014.

User Info: zegram33

3 years ago#4
that's fantastic, thanks for such an in-depth runthrough
to my knowledge, that's the first place its been explained that well in English, so thanks
I'm really looking forward to this, it looks like a properly fun game.

as a minor thing: off the top of anyone's head, does anyone know if its still coming to Europe?
its still listed as being released Feb 28th, but nowhere I can find even has box art confirmed for a EU release, let alone an actual Pre-order option :-S
just if anyone was better informed than me haha

User Info: chethecat

3 years ago#5

6 weeks and counting until I start all over with a new crew of people!

Herzon Hree'Sith

Wish it came out on Monday. I have the day off work. Tuesday I'll have to wait until I get home. This is all assuming I don't have too much homework to keep me from playing anyway.


User Info: Infyra

3 years ago#6
Try here for a preorder:

It comes out friday the 21st in Europe.
Milimi, Exiles of Fate - Zenedar (EU)
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