Not getting my money.

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User Info: SDSSociety

3 years ago#1

Here we go again with that dlc crap. The article tries to make it sound good, oh its not going to cost the usual 59.99 but come out at 49.99, wow....

Read down a bit and you see the dlc coming out that very month, one on the very day of release for 5 extra missions 3 bucks. A week later 20 more missions, 9 bucks. Next month 20 more missions 9 bucks...

So yeah, buy the game for cheaper than usual prices...but then turn around and spend 20 bucks more for the full game sold in pieces. Winds up costing you 69.99 rather than 59.99 for the full game. Do they think we are really that stupid? All of these missions should have been included in the game from the start. What the hell is going on around here?

What does this all mean to me? Well, they just lost my business. I had some interest in the game but with that type of business policy I will decline to give them my money. Too bad.

Opinions will vary, this one is mine. I'm voting with my money, or their lack of it in this case. Sorry.
Monsters from the Id

User Info: Borei_no_Shi

3 years ago#2
These DLC Mission Packs came out in Japan four and five months after release for their market. Why should we get them free just because they're not delaying/staggering them and not making us wait? Since they were already done aside from a localization, why not shoot them out quicker? I understand frustration aimed at companies that milk the DLC, holding back content that would otherwise have been on-disc (waves hello _o/ to Capcom), but sometimes there just isn't a conspiracy to get upset about...

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#3
DLC is the way of the world now. Almost every game is doing it. Still not as bad as those so called "free to play" games you see all the time now. Now there's something to get upset about.
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User Info: SDSSociety

3 years ago#4
I know, I just had a moment there. I'm from the old school, 42 years young and have been living through the videogame craze my whole life. Needless to say I'm disappointed in where we are at with some of this stuff at this stage of the game.

I apologize for ranting so hard there. I just got fed up with it and had a momentary lapse of civility. I just didn't know how else to vent my frustrations with dlc and the whole patch situation allowing companies to release games that aren't properly tested and not ready for sale in the state they are often being released these days.

Battlefield 4 seems to be ringing in the next generation with a big "expect more of the same" kind of behavior from these companies too. Depressing to me, though I enjoying gaming enough to tolerate even the intolerable. Oops Alien 3 reference. :)
Monsters from the Id

User Info: Yomigaeru

3 years ago#5
Unfortunately, it does appear that DLC and microtransactions are the status quo now. But what can you do? If we wanna play games, we're just gonna have to deal with this stuff, because the gaming community at large as spoken (with their money) that it's okay with these practices. After all, it wouldn't have persisted if it wasn't immensely profitable.

As far as DLC is concerned, I usually don't bother with extra missions/maps/equipment. The content in question has to be substantial for me to even consider a buy. Of course, that's just a matter of practicality. I figure, "why pay $X for some superfluous stuff for this game, when I can put toward buying an entirely new game?".
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3 years ago#6
They at least gonna' have a Season Pass for it? I don't mind microtransactions as long as they don't get too outta' hand and there's bundle prices. For instance, I haven't bought s*** on Borderlands 2 other than what's included in the Season Pass just because they should give a price break to anyone willing to fork over money for everything. Also, the 2D multiplayer Castlevania was/is a bad joke due to this...

User Info: chethecat

3 years ago#7
Don't want the DLC, don't get it. Shouldn't stop you from enjoying the basic game, however. They weren't part of the original game, so why should we get them for free? But then this is EDF and Sandlot and since I want more EDF and more EDF games I'm likely to support them.

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