It's possible to make the game impossible?

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3 years ago#1
I noticed a few things that I'm sure lots of others noticed:

1) Certain level weapons are locked during some of the easier difficulty levels.
2) As you get more powerful versions of weapons the less powerful versions are overwritten, therefore, even if you've collected guns of whatever version that're okay at the easier difficulty level, you won't be able to use that weapon if you've attainted a higher level version of the said gun because it will have overwritten the previous version.
3) You need to complete every mission on every difficulty level in order to unlock the ability for the game to disregard the level your guns are at.

Sooo, combine all three of these and my question is what happens when every single weapon in your inventory exceeds the level restriction for a given difficulty level yet you have not completed level(s) in that difficulty level? Are there default guns that stay at level 0 no matter what?

Also, even if there are default weapons that stay at level 0, WTF? Couldn't they have just scaled the guns down (<- Heard this suggested before). And if you really can make the game logically impossible to beat 100% then holy hell - That is one whopper of an oversight! If that's the case, it makes me facepalm knowing that no additional patches are going to be created to correct this since the game already went through that process in Japan.

This game is like a blaring example of how one extremely simple, elementary oversight can seriously hinder the entire experience. I'm still having a lot of fun with the game but, yeah - This is pretty ridiculous how it all is set up...

User Info: velvetrose1

3 years ago#2
You have misunderstood what is happening, weapons in this game don't level up and are not overwritten. All the weapons have a pre-set level associated with them that never changes no matter how many duplicates you pick up.

Also, speaking of simple oversights >.>

User Info: chethecat

3 years ago#3
Yeah, far too many reviews I've read/ seen mention that your weapons level with you. Which isn't the way it works. The only reason you have a "level" associated with a weapon is for determining what is and isn't allowed for On-line play.

They can be used to generally calculate power -- but power doesn't equate effectiveness especially for certain types of missions.

If anything the way they level up is that there are often multiple levels of the same type/make/model of weapon. Eg: Assault Rifles.

AF14 B3

And so on... all AF weapons, but different "levels" (well mostly, the RAR and B3 are the same level)

(message deleted)

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#5
Where the hell did you hear all that crap??? There are 780 weapons in this game and not one of them will "overwrite" another. That's the most ridiculous thing i have ever read.
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User Info: khoiman

3 years ago#6
The weapons you can earn are based on difficulty meaning that yes your weapons 'level with you' but that just means you get a better lv20 assault rifle (in addition to the lvl 0 assault rifle you already have) that you can use on any level in singleplayer (Online gameplay restricts weapon level). There is no way to make the game impossible or otherwise discard or remove items. The only way I could see the game becoming impossible is either to start a high difficulty equipped with weapons that can't kill enemies. Go into a battle with weapons that don't do damage at all and the level has no EDF soldiers to help you kill enemies. Enter a battle with no long range weapons preventing you from shooting saucers at high altitudes.
(message deleted)


3 years ago#8
POOKISTAN posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

Hey mod - You forgot to delete the trolling post that that was a response to. Trolling still is against the ToS, right? Or did you guys finally formally add "If the troll is successful at getting the desired response then it is no longer considered trolling." 'cuz that might as well be in there...

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