Wing diver long range

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User Info: Cioden

3 years ago#1
So I started playing wing diver, I have some sniper rifles and homing weapons, but I was wondering what weapons would you use against the mothership, world eaters, and the brain? Weapons so far don't seem to have the range at all.
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User Info: geelw

3 years ago#2
Oh, you're in need of some practice, is all. For sniper rifles, MONSTER and MONSTER-S are great one shot weapons on world Eater portals on Easy to Hard/Hardest. Remember, you CAN shoot while in the air and can also fly up to a tall building if you need more range. You SHOULD be able to hit anything you can zoom in on without that extra height, though.

Mothership tip: You DON'T need to shoot all the guns on it at all. Aim for that center cannon until it drops. That takes out the ability to blast you if you need to get closer. Then, aim for the glowing red spot in the center each time it's exposed. The ship will eventually sprout columns and start getting pissed off, shooting lasers and energy balls all over the place. If you're can't see the core because one of those laser arms in in the way, shoot it, let it fall off and blast the core. One down.

Homing weapons are awful on the mothership, WE's and Brain, but and straight shooting weapon with range is fine. I'd pack a sniper rifle and something electrical (Thunderbow XD if you have one, but some may suggest other weapons) for the last stage.

For the Brain, well... I'll leave you to figure that out. I will say it's not too difficult until the big surprise you have to deal with near the last part of that battle...
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User Info: 330566

3 years ago#3
Big thing to remember with the Monster brand snipers is they drain energy super fast. If you do the lightest of taps on the shoot button you can manage not to overheat. If you can get that timing down you will see where the name comes from.

Also having an Air Raider with a energy post (that may be the wrong name) it will help you recharge faster, but won't prevent overheat.
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