What funny random EDF dialogue have you heard? (continued)

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  3. What funny random EDF dialogue have you heard? (continued)

User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#11
If I die, will you take care of my wife and kids?


User Info: bend6000

3 years ago#12
"My wife is making a special supper."
"We're going home early tonight, boys!"
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User Info: tommyw84

3 years ago#13
"Why did you get married?"
"There's no reason."
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User Info: DanKuuga

3 years ago#14
"Do you actually LIKE being underground?"

User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#15
When you first see the Wasp nest.
"That thing is the size of a city!" Also I know this doesn't count, but I love during the last wave of dragons in mission 58 the lady shouts "you damn lizards, you won't get away with this!" Little reference to Godzilla vs Megaguirus there.
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User Info: GBB_Doramascher

3 years ago#16
While it's not random dialog pairs, I do like all of Despina's post-attack dialog (I can only imagine the captain has an American flag that follows him around so it can flutter majestically behind him) and the one time when the Earth Eater plates turned up and one EDF guy smugly said "This is JUST like in training."

Also, I like that the "do you like the underground" questions are all flagged as orders, which means they only ever get positive responses.
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User Info: DanKuuga

3 years ago#17
I like the Despina's line - 'The Despina has missiles! The enemy wasn't expecting that!''. They weren't? I guess they might not have been expecting that I'd call in an ICBM strike 21 meters from where I'm standing, but still...

User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#18
"Sir yes sir!"
"That's not true."
Remember those nuclear born creatures from the 50's? Giant insects and monsters? Well their back in EDF 2025. EDF EDF EDF EDF!!!

User Info: DanKuuga

3 years ago#19
'HQ is always right!'
'That's not true!'

User Info: Lord DragonFyre

Lord DragonFyre
3 years ago#20
"Im hit!!"
"My armors CRACKED!"
"Im tired of getting one shot"

i woke up my family laughing so hard when the one shot comment came from an NPC.
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