Random bug.

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User Info: 330566

3 years ago#1
Playing online and occasionally one of us will come into the match as a class other than what we chose. Once we were four Wing Divers, I have gone from Air Raider to Fencer... It can also mix up life amounts and gear. Very possible that it clones a loadout from yourself or another player onto you.
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User Info: yukoncornel

3 years ago#2
Yup, I had fencer selected once and it entered me into the mission as a ranger so I quit back to the mission select lobby and it showed fencer still. Only happened once in 630 hours of gameplay though.

User Info: DanKuuga

3 years ago#3
Same here. Going as an Air Raider, ended up as a Ranger, with appearance & loadout exactly like another player's.

Also, I've had another bug happen a few times lately - As an Air Raider, I couldn't exit vehicles. I could get in them, but not out (until they were destroyed).

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#4
I had a problem where everytime i tried to change my weapons it would show the correct weapons that i had selected but then as soon as the mission loaded up i had my previous weapons equiped again. IIRC i had to back out of the lobby and jump back in to get it to stop doing it.

I have had that glitch/issue only twice so far. I have no idea what triggers it.
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User Info: Varron

3 years ago#5
random "bug" ... hehehe
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User Info: Borei_no_Shi

3 years ago#6
I've experienced the same one Ninebreaker47 has.

User Info: GBB_Doramascher

3 years ago#7
The not exiting vehicles one seems to be a desynch issue where you're only in the vehicle in your game; when my Fencer friend blew up an empty Epsilon I was stuck in, I was killed as if I wasn't in it, and when he got me up I found my Bunkers had reloaded while I was in the vehicle. So potentially a useful exploit if you could figure out how to trigger it reliably.
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