How many times?

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User Info: OmegaAir

3 years ago#1
How many times am I going to have to run 82 for Blasthole spear MS. I have like literally every fencer weapon and the game refuses to give me this weapon no matter what.
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User Info: GBB_Doramascher

3 years ago#2
The last drop seems to take a long, long time, I swear I ran 2/16 about 25 times to get the Hercules for my Ranger. It'll drop eventually, though.
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User Info: Lord DragonFyre

Lord DragonFyre
3 years ago#3
stop farming 82 and just play the game... your last weapons will drop eventually.

got to about 20 weapons left to max out the list and nothing was droping...
played on easy.. nothing... normal.. nothing.. hard.. nothing....
got into hardest.. 12 new items in 4 days... ALL of them level 7 or less.. and ONLY dropped on hardest.
im 110% certain that weapons have a higher % to drop on different difficulties and stages then just what seems to fit for them.

play for your badges and stage completion.. your remaining weapons will come in due time.
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