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User Info: pablonikolaz

3 years ago#1
Hey I was thinking on buying the digital version for the PS3, how are we standing on bugs/patch status as of today, is this still very buggy as Ive been reading? thanks in advance for the help!
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User Info: Borei_no_Shi

3 years ago#2
Patches? We don't need no stinkin' Patches!
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User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#3
I barely encountered any glitches on this game (im playing the 360 version)

User Info: DanKuuga

3 years ago#4
This game is FULL of bugs! It's the buggiest game I've ever played. I swear, nearly every mission I run into countless bugs. Giant bugs that will ruin your day. In fact, there's so many bugs, you'll probably want to equip a rocket launcher or some kind of explosives.

User Info: ninebreaker47

3 years ago#5
^ made me lol. Cheesy jokes FTW. :D
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User Info: RHF

3 years ago#6
Well, I had an instance in an early stage where I had to kill ants digging holes under a mall, and I had only one enemy left, and it was on the radar, but I couldn't find it and kill it, and I went through that entire tunnel system twice. So I had to restart and got to complete it. Up to mission 21 and so far nothing else has happened.
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User Info: DanKuuga

3 years ago#7
On rare occasions an enemy will fall through the map. They end up circling to the top of the map & drop back down. I've been taken for that ride myself a few times (once while in the maw of a red ant, who got me from nowhere by clipping through the ground). On the surface, it's not a big deal, but in underground maps, they'll end up on top of the tunnels, or endlessly looping.

User Info: RycerX

3 years ago#8
I've been running into a freakin f*** ton of these glitches on the 360 lately, especially the ones that leave someone behind in the lobby or make players randomly teleport all over the place and trap enemies outside the map or endlessly falling through the walls as mentioned above. I'm also noticing from time to time that either my reversers aren't healing teammates, or their lifebar is simply not displaying correct information.

User Info: DanKuuga

3 years ago#9
I've been noticing online that player interactions are drastically slowed. For instance, last night my AR dropped an ICBM, killing 2 ant queens & a dozen ants, but also hit a WD on our team in the area (hey, she shouldn't have been directly under 2 ant queens anyway...). It took nearly 7 seconds before I saw the WD drop.
This delay would probably affect healing, as well.

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