Air Raider Personal Shelter - position horizontally?

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User Info: tom76b

3 years ago#1
I was playing the level last night where the sole enemy type is the red flying drones (High Speed is it?). To my surprise when I deployed my personal bunker on the farmland just ahead and on the right from the start, it was angled at 45 degrees! (usually the column of purple light goes straight up).
Now I was wondering... is it possible to attach it to the side of a house or something so the protection extends horizontally instead of vertically? That way I can move forwards & back instead of being stationary.

I've managed to stick gun turrets on vehicles before, on their side. Has anybody done this with a shelter?

User Info: chethecat

3 years ago#2
Isn't there an anti-air bunker?
I really don't know the AR very well, I've actually played it least of everyone, even the Fencer has had more play for me.

Though eventually he may get some playtime so I'm all for learning about his stuff.


User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#3
The one called antiair just raises a higher barrier.

I guess its possible to attach it in a way the barrier goes horizontally, ti just happens to be a surface thats not flat yet you can step on it to drop the barrier.

Or you ca just drop 2 barrier really close to eachother so you barely fit between the two. Works really well.

User Info: DanKuuga

3 years ago#4
I play the AR most of the time. I've never been able to attach barriers to the sides of a building, but you might be able to get it on the topmost edge of a hill (can't think of a battle where that would help, though). On a side note, unlike turrets & posts, you can't attach barriers to your vehicles - they just slide off when you move.
BTW - in High Speed, there's a house just forward and slightly right of where you start (it's in it's own open block). It's got an overhang on the porch that will block the red's lasers, and you can set up barriers to either side to block the rest. Then let loose with the wire gun.
Protecting the green Earth, if even for a single flower.

User Info: hardcoregamer92

3 years ago#5
^^^ That's the strategy I use as the air raider! :P My friends (wing diver and especially fencer) don't care for the residential housing in this game... But on flyer missions especially I run through the levels frantically looking for a house with an overhang so I can set up bunkers or just use my wire shot... Or both!

User Info: DanKuuga

3 years ago#6
In the mission Search (the first with bees), there's a good house for this near where one of the ranger teams are (forward and to the right of where you start, next to the uphill road going between two hills). During my 800+ hours of play I've found all sorts of hidy holes.
I just wish more people online would see the value of NOT destroying the real estate. Explosives aren't really as good as most people think they are, and more often then not will end up damaging their team mates (or themselves).
Protecting the green Earth, if even for a single flower.
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