Air raider needs help--where to get ZEXR guns and really good wire shot?

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User Info: Realtalk_Clover

3 years ago#21
unnamedFer posted...
nothing survives spiders, even offline. Fencers with 80% damage reduction weapons barely get to the 5 minute mark on "bug invasion"

Challenge accepted! I started inferno Bug Invasion using a Gigantus ZA, guard post M2, and ZEXR-GUN (though really ZEXR mostly went unused, could have been any alternative weapon). Survived 10+ minutes and cleared the mission.

~snip~ Meanwhile a bazelart has yet to take off.

Indeed, like i said, railguns are convenient and safe, in this case convenience is the key. Obviously each vehicle is more valuable in different conditions (case in point, i dont think i can solo bug invasion with anything but a gigantus), im just speaking in general with my advice.

Also the air raiders buff that say "0.5" means they get 50% increase on that stat.

For guard posts, the lower the number, the better. The number indicated isnt the amount of defense boost you get, but the remaining damage you take. Guard post M2 has 0.4 multiplier, so you only take 40% of incoming damage.

DanKuuga posted...
Number crunching works fine for standard weapons, but falls apart when dealing with vehicles

I did that mostly to illustrate that the railguns arent the best vehicle in the damage department and that helicopters are better than most people give them credit for. I did it for the rest for completions sake. I tried my best to other, more practical information.

Yes, I like tanks, but you can be as much a menace to your team as you are to the bugs with those exploding shells. They're also much more difficult to aim (I swear the long range ones are even harder to aim), and the higher level ones are much harder to drive (tend to drift quite a bit - but nowhere near as bad as bikes, grape, & caravans).

This is something that comes with experience, and isnt much an issue once you have run a couple dozen inferno missions with a gigantus and get a feel for it.


Ran out of quote blocks

i suppose - anything chipping away at you (drones, wasps, etc) will be better countered with a guardpost than something that's capable of massive close range damage (spiders, machine gun hectors, etc)

This is why i listed the total health of many top end vehicles with a guard post attached. It doesnt really matter what you are getting hit by, the defense boost has the same effectiveness. You can survive surprisingly long with a guard post on an already sturdy vehicle, even when facing down a machine gun hector or spiders.
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  3. Air raider needs help--where to get ZEXR guns and really good wire shot?

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