What 2025 did wrong

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User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#1
I feel compared to other EDF's, 2025 was a let down. All the new enemies were fun, classes were nice, online was...functional. Yet the whole experience was dragged down for me by the grind. Not only does this game have a percentage for health points, but you have 3 other classes that have their own separate completion rate, and online completion. Honestly having 3 other character completions isn't THAT bad, it can be annoying, but coupled with the fact that armor grinding takes longer and is less effective....yeah no fun. The whole franchise is about having fun (feel free to correct me anytime), but how can you have fun when you're over your neck with the grind? Past EDF's got it right, but Earth Defense Force 2025 was...a let down. My suggestion for a new game? Have a direct sequel to 2017 with Storm 1, include the other classes, but have them share the same completion pool so completing a level with 1 character completes it for all. Also bring armor health counts back to 1's 3's and so forth, no percentage. Make it fun for the long run, not bland.
Nothing's worse when you can't repeat perfection.
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User Info: chethecat

3 years ago#2
MY biggest issue.

Online and offline completion had no relationship whatsoever. I know online has more missions, but I'd give them up in a heartbeat to have it work together, then I wouldn't mind so much that the completion rates are separated. Even now that doesn't bother me as much, though it can indeed be a grind.


User Info: Realtalk_Clover

3 years ago#3
Toho2 posted...
Also bring armor health counts back to 1's 3's and so forth, no percentage. Make it fun for the long run, not bland.

Personally i like the armor growth rates as is (maybe wing diver could get bumped up a bit).

Increasing growth rates makes the game less fun in the long run.

I cant stand entering a room with a save modder with a 3 million armor wing diver making all the missions trivial on inferno. It makes me feel like theres no point in playing. Regardless of how good or bad i play, the outcome is a guaranteed victory because the guy can just face-tank all the insects and win.

What good is a perfectly placed airstrike if the insects are no threat in the first place? What good is the mobility of a wing diver if everyone has so much health that you never have to move? Why bother bringing interesting utility weapons like reversers or shields? The game would be much less fun if everyone was running around with obnoxiously high armor.

If they were to speed up armor growth there would need to be some form of armor cap on inferno to keep it from being a complete joke.

User Info: chethecat

3 years ago#4
I get what you're saying and 3 million is crazy stupid. But WD does take a while to armor up. That being said, the fact that you can split-screen it with the same class and get double the armor is one of the better ideas they did have. Especially since WD is one of the best classes to farm/auto-farm armor with.


User Info: lightsword21

3 years ago#5
I think the bite system is where they went really wrong, it isn't fun constantly getting bitten by red ants on hardest/inferno online and needing someone else to free basically since online weapons do reduced damage while being bit. rocket launcher is how I found they did less

User Info: Dak_Darklighter

3 years ago#6
With EDF 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair coming out next year, here are a few things which I think need some changes.
1. Add Godzilla in, as well as the Centipede and Super Godzilla from GDF. More missions, enemies and weapons are a must to justify a lot of people buying a game they've mostly already played. It would be nice if they could just add paid DLC to turn regular EDF 4 into EDF 4.1 for those who already have it as well.
2. Add more weapons for the Fencer as he has the least of the 4 classes and the ones he already has aren't varied. Shoulder-mounted dumbfire rocket pods should be added, some more mortars, and more missiles that don't require an Air Raider. Slightly increase damage on his Auto-Artillery weapons so that they aren't a joke.
3. Decrease the amount of stillness needed to get up from a ragdoll. Rolling down a hill for a minute while the swarm gather around you isn't fun.
4. Add some invulnerability timer for being bitten. Maybe 3 seconds is enough.
5. Raise the armour needed for each class by a bit. At the moment, WD is like 5 boxes for 1 point, R and AR is 2-3 for 1 point, and F is 2 for 1 point. Why not go back to GDF and have WD 2 boxes for 1, R and AR 1 box for 1, and F 1 box for 2 points.
6. Slightly reduce the total amount of energy for WD so that she isn't the most OP class that people use to carry other classes through difficulties.
7. Put the online-only missions into offline, and make online and offline progression the same. Whoever decided on the way it is now is an idiot.

And there you have it, the game goes from 9/10 to 10/10 with these changes if you ask me.

User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#7
I might be too hard on 2025, but just the amount of armor grinding and mission completions needed is staggering. 2017 IS still an amazing game (just finished playing around with it today), even at the higher levels. If the mission completion could be completed universally, I'd be happier with 2025. Ah well, guess I got burned out on it too quickly.
Nothing's worse when you can't repeat perfection.
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User Info: SodaPop101

3 years ago#8
Only thing I don't like is lack of install for PS3 and occasional online wonkiness. I kinda miss the 2D pick ups. It was just funny to me. I also prefer the old plastic explosions.

User Info: gokuKOG

3 years ago#9
For me the biggest issue were:
1- There should be balance between classes or else everyone will only take Wing Divers.
2- You should not be able to damage your allies with your fire because tagged allies always come in front of you a lot. It is stupid that there is no friendly fire rule for the enemy but only you.
3- The most annoying issue of all. For the love of god, either make those Lv 90 weapons easier to get or make a different system like a shop or something.
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User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

3 years ago#10
Insect Armageddon had a shop and random drops, and I got all the random drops long before I got close to having XP to buy everything. You got around 30-40'000xp for an Inferno level, and the most expensive weapons were about half a million xp I think. Across 4 classes with their own individual xp reserves. And then there's all the lower level ones that still cost around 200'000xp. You have to buy them because you can't stick with the weak crap for long, but then you're back to square 1 saving up for the good stuff.

I'm sure there's a better way of doing it though.

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