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User Info: Princejake2

5 years ago#1
DLC woot! Can't wait, DD is one of my favorite games this gen. Take my money Capcom!
XBL/PSN/MGO: Princejake2

User Info: kornbeefncabage

5 years ago#2
First.... after TC obviously. Also, woot some good looking DLC finally!

User Info: Topkick1975

5 years ago#3
Woot, indeed.

User Info: BS_Infinite

5 years ago#4
TG! There is no way I was gonna buy that other terrible dlc

I'm excited already just knowing there will be more dragons dogma
BS_Infinite posted...
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User Info: CopperNinja

5 years ago#5
I just hope that the warrior finally gets an aimable projectile. Seriously every other job besides fighter and warrior has aimable
projectiles why not the fighter and the warrior? At least a crossbow would be nice. It wouldn't have the same range but at least
fighting the metal golem and the ur dragon would no longer be a nightmare.
A penny for your thoughts?

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