Airtight flasks

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User Info: Smezmer

4 years ago#1
Well after I installed Dark Arisen, I've noticed that none of the merchants are selling airtight flasks any more. I know the usual spots to find them in the world so it's not really game breaking but it is rather annoying. So I was wondering, is anybody else having this issue? And if so is there any known way to fix it?

User Info: Toji_no_Boushi

4 years ago#2
I noticed too.
It's such a small thing that was overlooked, but some quests specifically require Airtight Flasks.

User Info: katerinafm

4 years ago#3
That's very odd, I wonder why that happened. Good thing I never sold any airtight flasks I found before DA.

User Info: Phadin

4 years ago#4
Worse comes to worse, get one Airtight Flask, and abuse the Black Cat. Annoying to have to sleep between each duplication, and keep running back and forth, but you can still get as many as you need that way.

If you need a free one to start with, there is usually one on the beach in Cassardis.

User Info: Yorkshire_14

4 years ago#5
I need an Airtight flask. I sold them early in the game because I didn't know you need them
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User Info: Darkslayne

4 years ago#6
Yorkshire_14 posted...
I need an Airtight flask. I sold them early in the game because I didn't know you need them

You can find 3 in Cassardis pretty easily. One on the beach in front of the boats, another next to Iola's shop on a box and then another outside the city just North on the beach (about halfway to the Encampment) on a rock.

They respawn every few days.
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User Info: DatDarkOne

4 years ago#7
That's interesting because I loaded up on them in Gran Soren when I had noticed you could send items directly to storage.
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User Info: Damiand77

4 years ago#8
There's three in the beginning of the game.
One on the beach of Cassardis, one on a table outside a shop in Cassardis and one near the beaches near the Encampment.

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