Influencing the Level 3 Armor and Weapon Drops

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User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#1
How many of you understand the rules of probability? I am almost 99% convinced this is how the selection of level 3 armor and weapons work upon purification...

The level 3 armor and weapon items from Bitterblack Isle each have a possibility of becoming one of three things. These things vary from one lump to the next, so I am not going to go into identification of specific item sets in this post.

All weapons and armor pieces are classed as to which vocation can equip it. If you're familiar with different vocations, it's apparent that some items can be equipped across several classes. They boil down, in essence, to combinations of the three basic vocations.

You change both pawn and Arisen to that vocation for the most reliable selection. The three vocations are:


The advanced vocations are variations on the basic vocations, so for the purposes of this discussion:

Strider = Ranger
Mage = Sorcerer
Fighter = Warrior

If a weapon or armor piece is restricted to hybrid use, then it's even that the influence of the Arisen's shared vocation comprising that hybrid vocation flops to one or the other.

Assassin: Fighter, Strider
Magic Archer: Strider, Mage
Mystic Knight: Mage, Fighter

So let's say, unbeknownst to you, your new BBI Level 3 Weapon has a Ranger bow, an MK Mace and a Sorcerer Staff. You are an MK with a Fighter pawn.

The purification calculation runs a probability check on the MK. Is it Mage or is it Fighter? Unknown. Then a Fighter check is made from the pawn's vocation.

There is no chance this Arisen will see the Ranger bow, as neither Fighter nor MK qualify as part of Strider. You have a 50/50 chance of the purification choosing either the MK or Sorcerer weapon from the influence of the Arisen's vocation, combined with a 100% selection of the MK weapon from the pawn's vocation of Fighter. So when purification happens and the influences from both MK/F are calculated, there's a 1 in 4 chance the item will be the Sorcerer's staff and a 3 in 4 chance it will be the MK weapon.

This corresponds to the same probability system as basic Mendelian genetics, for those who ever took Biology...

Therefore, if you want a specific vocation's weapon or armor type to appear, you must reduce your hybrid or advanced vocation to the appropriate basic vocation that corresponds to your sought-after weapon or armor piece. If you only see two weapons or armor pieces over and over again, then change both your vocations to the THIRD basic vocation.

In a nutshell, changing both Arisen and Pawn to a pair of Striders, then a pair of Fighters and then a pair of Mages will let you see all three possibilities the armor or weapon item holds.

Armor pieces are always all of a type, e.g., arm equipment, leg equipment, torso, chest clothing, etc.

You did save your game prior to purification, right? Don't want it? Godsbane and retry. Last item in is always the first item out if you intend to gift it.

And remember to re-set your pawn's inclinations after doing this, in order to prevent Pawn Senility.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti

User Info: BigReddXx

4 years ago#2
someone needs a life

User Info: maestro17wp

4 years ago#3
Sometimes I'm never there, other times I'm almost always never there.

User Info: Strakadh_OF

4 years ago#4
I can loosely vouch for this, I did some testing last night with 5 and all possible class combos and found the same thing. Seems to be right but I wasn't terribly scientific about the whole process so Ill wait till someone proves it.

Match pawn and Arisen vocs and test fighter strider and mage on each weapon or armour piece, you get 3 choices for each item.

Mixing Fighter Fighter got me a Twinpaler, a Warrior Mace.

Fighter Warrior, Twinpaler.

Warrior Warrior, Twinpaler.

and so on

Mixing a Hybrid arisen seems to always favor the matching colors, I tried this about 10 times with different classes and I got a matching item every time but once where I got a Dragons Tempest (MA) with 2 Rangers. Im guessing it is considered a Blue/Yellow weapon rather than just Blue?

Basically match colors, reload, and profit. Or don't in my case, I tried every class combo and still never had a choice of anything but Twinpaler or Dragons Tempest, neither of which we use lol.
GT: The Trill Texan

User Info: meralonne

4 years ago#5
BigReddXx posted...
someone needs a life

Yes, so what are you doing here? Go out there and get one!

"Sigs are for dorks."-- my wife

User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#6
Strakadh_OF posted...
Basically match colors, reload, and profit. Or don't in my case, I tried every class combo and still never had a choice of anything but Twinpaler or Dragons Tempest, neither of which we use lol.

Aren't those level 2 weapons, though? Interesting, because that would mean that a level 2 weapon/armor cursed item has the possibility of two different results in the purification calculation.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti

User Info: Onox74

4 years ago#7
I know that the last one purified would be the first gifted like you said and that there's a pool of three, but from what I've seen I'm pretty there's an item type that is set when you pick up the item. For example I gifted my friend two level 3 novelties which were a Grace scroll and Elite Lantern for me, but when he purified them they were a different scroll and an Elite Lantern.
So it looks a novelty can either be a scroll, lantern, or consumable which is locked when picked up. Similarly rings seem to be locked into skill/stat boost/misc types with skill rings having a pool of three based on vocation like weapons and armor.

Since you seem interested in specifics I wondered if you would test it a bit.

User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#8
I haven't figured out the "rules" for the items and gear-- this is just level 3 armor and weapons discussion.


GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti

User Info: DemonicDragonX

4 years ago#9
This is likely true. All I have seen is Sorcerer weapons, I run MK, Pawn is Sorcerer. :( I also get ridiculous amounts of mage rings. Got quite a few Strider/Ranger rings, and no one in my party, is ever -ever- either of those classes.
Xbox G-Tag: LorecDronso

User Info: cookieforlive

4 years ago#10
How'd you like them apples?! GT: Jazzlordian,
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