Best Assassin Armor and weapons in Bitterblack

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User Info: philllosophy

4 years ago#1
What is recommended to be the most powerful (useful) Bitterblack Isle Armor for an Assassin as well as a Weapon (preferably a sword) for an Assassin and a Bow. I would like enchanted weapons named if possible...

User Info: Espiem

4 years ago#2
The oblivion set is probably going to be the best armor you can find. As for swords, demons brand is the best str only weapon, if you really want enchanted then probably the cursed light. The names of the bows escape me at the moment.

User Info: ReiderAsmadi

4 years ago#3
The best STR-only bow is Darkening Storm.
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User Info: cameron_9428

4 years ago#4
assault boots give a nice strength boost (+30 iirc) and are pretty good for an assassin.

User Info: PMA_Greed

4 years ago#5
Armor go with either oblivion or shadow, basically the same but I like the shadow skin myself.

I'd recommend sapfire daggers. Total dmg is about 100 less than framae daggers, but it also inflicts a defense debuff on enemies, it works on daimon so it should work on about anything.

I've only gotten my hands on the dragon's ire bow so far, pretty solid. Dragon's rancor plus some fire damage on top.
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  3. Best Assassin Armor and weapons in Bitterblack

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