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User Info: Viries

4 years ago#71
Version: DA

GT: Panda smex

Pawn: Barb E. Dahl

Vocation: warrior lv.72

Inclination: Scather/pioneer

Comment: All equipment is gold df'd. This pawn is an powerful and aggressive crowd controller. Using war cry to lure her prey and corna slash to dice them. Attack dmg is 3.2k, Hp is 3.3k, and defensive stats are through the roof. Can crush Everfall and BBI foe with ease.
GT: Mmmm Buckcake - Pawn: Lexina - Vocation: Mage - Inclination: Utilitarian/Medicant - Lv.200
Need a Mage? Feel free to send a friend request.

User Info: bsentyz

4 years ago#72
Does anyone have a Bitter End sword be willing to trade something for it If i might have what you want. Let me know id appreciate it, been looking to get it for awhile with no luck.


User Info: Luminaria

4 years ago#73
Thanks both of you for the feedback. I'll change her to challenger\mitigator\utilitarian when I play this weekend. Like you said, I thought scather would have been the right primary inclination but I see where you're coming from.
XBL: Luminaria --- PSN: Soulblane

User Info: lucirakdd

4 years ago#74
Version: DA
GT: Fulgore27
Pawn: Shayra
Vocation: Fighter 25
Inclination: <Mitigator/Challenger/util>
Comments: In the near future, I will change her vocation to Warrior to get good augments and then back to Fighter. I play this amazing game every day, so she will be updated constantly.

User Info: Shawn-120

4 years ago#75
Version: DA
GT: Pepsi Man 4
Pawn: Sonja
Vocation: Ranger Lv. 17
Inclination: -/-
Comments: i want my pawn to get experience and knowledge! i am new to the dragons dogma family so new brothers recruit my pawn and i will recruit yours! just gimme a message on my xbox!

User Info: Luminaria

4 years ago#76
Updated to utilitarian\challenger\mitigator. Thank you to the person who rented her for the 50k rift crystals and bitterblack item.
XBL: Luminaria --- PSN: Soulblane

User Info: Knightmare2012

4 years ago#77
Knightmare2012 posted...
Version: DA
GT: KnightmareRM
Pawn: Zorro
Vocation: Fighter (Main Ranger)
Inclination: <Challenger/Scather>
Comments: He is in need of RC before we travel to BBI, still in Gransy with a beautiful sky.

PSN: Knightmare_RM, Pawn: Skye LVL200 Ranger
GT: KnightmareRM, Pawn: Zorro LVLing Mode to 200

User Info: iLag95

4 years ago#78
Version: DA
GT: iLag95
Pawn: Sammie
Vocation: Mage
Inclination: Medicant/Mitigator
Comments: High Ingle/High Frazil/High Levin; Anodyne, Holy Boon, Halidom
Using a Crimson Glare Staff and a set of Queen's Clothing
Level: 17

Rent her out for me please :) I don't care about RC, I just need her to get some more experience!
GamerTag: iLag95

User Info: idlepit

4 years ago#79
Version: DA
GT: IdlePit
Pawn: IdlePawn
Level: 18
Vocation: Warrior
Inclination: Scather
Comments: I need knowledge and experience for my pawn and rc\items are a bonus im new to this game so I can only offer to take out ur pawn in return atm thanks in advance
Xbox 360 GT: IdlePit

User Info: Toji_no_Boushi

4 years ago#80
Version: Dark Arisen
GT: Obabas Hut
Pawn: Toji
Vocation: Level 91 Fighter
Inclination: Guardian Primary, Nexus Secondary
Sword: Caladbolg ***
Shield: Feather-Light Pelta ***
Torso: Captain's Armor Set (Dragon Forged)

Abilities of Note:
Blitz Strike, Shield Slam, Sinew, Ferocity and Clout

My Sword and Board Fighter/Pack Mule.
Best at setting them up for you or other pawns to take down.
Lures foes into melee range and utilizes Blitz Stike to ruin their day.
Personality: Tries to be "no nonsense", but it's difficult with an Arisen that enjoys tempting fate. I fall and so much as scrape my knee, and Toji will likely be there to lecture me about the dangers of high places, the Brine and eating strange mushrooms.

Version: Dark Arisen
GT: Pawma
Pawn: Natsume
Vocation: Level 96 Mage
Inclination: Guardian Aqusitor, Nexus Medicant
Staff: Legion's Might ***
Head: Dragonpulse Circlet (Dragon Forged)
Torso: Crimson Jerkin and Scholar's Coat (Both Dragon Forged x1)
Arms: Talismanic Beads (Dragon Forged Max)
Legs: Cotten Hosen (Dragon Forged x2) Purple Longkilt (Dragon Forged *)
Cloak: Mahogany Cape (Dragon Forged x2)
Rings: Mage's Ring and Staff Enchanter's Ring

Abilities of Note:
Grand Anodyne, Holy Pact, Beatitude, Sinew, Attunment

The party healer, forager and cockroach...
Natsume is quick to lay on hands when you actually need it. Due to using Legion's Might, she makes excellent bait for baddies that like to smack around pawns. Save situations that remove your Pawn, she will pop back up and frustrate the hell out of attackers.
This allows For a lot of time to deal damage while enemies are distracted.

Personality: Natsume is suppose to be Toji's daughter, hence they have a familial resemblance. She is introverted and doesn't do well in confrontation, so she was delegated to a support role. Our third ranking Deerball player and most likely to complain of the nightmares the scary monsters will give her.
She REALLY likes apples. She has chased apples off cliffs and will go to lengths to gather them. This got her killed so she was given a special stave to protect her and her apple-loving tendencies.
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