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User Info: Epic_McDude

4 years ago#1
So, Dark Arisen has been out a while, many of us have leveled up, others have started alts, some have had to restart due to the dreaded data corruption, and still others are new and have recently decided to join the Dragon's Dogma family. So because of these reasons, it's time for a new and updated Active Pawn list. Remember, no obligations required, Alts are welcome, and above all, get out there and rent your fellow community members' pawns!

We are going to change things up a little this time. We've added which version of the game, DD for Dragon's Dogma Vanilla version and DA for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Also, I'm thinking a little comments section to really sell your pawns.

Version: <DD or DA >
GT: <GT Goes Here>
Pawn: <Pawn Name>
Vocation: <Vocation and Level Goes Here>
Inclination: <Primary/Secondary>
Comments: <Sell your pawn! Special skills, your setup and why, rank on the leaderboard, whatever, just get your pawn out there!>

Thanks to TheRicFactor for allowing the use of his template.
"Fight for them, then, and die for their sins!" -Dracula, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

User Info: Epic_McDude

4 years ago#2
I'll start:

Version: Dark Arisen
GT: Lancelot McEpic
Pawn: Ragnarok
Vocation: Warrior, Level 159
Inclination: Scather/Utilitarian
Comments: Max/Full knowledge on everything, fights smartly, likes to destroy crates and barrels for some reason... Has decent moves/skills and a set of Hellfire armor equipped.

Some pictures:



"Fight for them, then, and die for their sins!" -Dracula, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
(message deleted)

User Info: Virtuosus

4 years ago#4
Version: DA
GT: Virtuosus II (Those are i's)
Pawn: Freya
Vocation: Sorcerer Level 200 (Sometimes Mage, but rarely)
Inclination: Utilitarian > Challenger > Mitigator

Health: 3520
Stamina: 3500
Magick: 738 (3267)
Defense: 257 (740)
Magick Defense: 498 (1214)

High Miasma
High Comestion
High Frigor *OR* Grand Seism *OR* An Affinity *OR* High Voidspell (Mostly Frigor)
Grand Gicel
Grand Bolide
Grand Fulmination

Here's some pictures:




DD:DA GT: Virtuosus II (Freya, Lv. 200 Sorcerer Pawn)
Main/Social GT: VirtuosusFFXI (Tiamat, Lv. 28 Warrior Pawn)

User Info: robert43s

4 years ago#5
Version: DA
GT: Rob ShadowHawk
Pawn: Georgina
Vocation: Strider Level 200
Inclination: Scather/Challenger
Comments: only missing 5 Three Stars in bestiary, knows all quests and locations, proficient with both daggers and bow, will quite happily climb the UR Dragon and 1000 kisses it to death. Has Thousand Kisses, Shearing Wind, Brain Splitter, Fivefold Flurry, Hailstorm Volley and Mighty Bend. Has great carrying capability and selfs heals (coat of oblivion).

Version: DA
GT: DragonHunter720
Pawn: Polyanna
Vocation: Level 200 Sorcerer
Inclination: Utilitarian/Challenger
Comments: not as knowledgable as my other pawn, but still relatively knowledgable. All quests, just missing Gransys for the location. Has high miasma, high fulmination, grand bolide, grand Gicel, holy pact and high maelstrom. Very effective caster. Also has great carrying capability and self healing (grave mantle).
GT: Rob ShadowHawk - level 200 Strider
GT: DragonHunter720 - level 200 Sorcerer

User Info: CaptainPiett

4 years ago#6
GT: OhFace Kenobi
Pawn: Makoto/Emma
Vocation: Ranger Level 200
Inclination: Utilitarian/Challenger

All gear is dragonforged, including weapons. Working on getting her full Oblivion gear, just need the pants :)

User Info: SagaciousPrime

4 years ago#7
Version: DA
GT: Moirla
Pawn: Hayate
Vocation: Ranger, level 150
Inclination: Challenger/Mitigator (or vice versa, I can't remember)

Comments: My two pawns are based on and named for our two cats. This has caused some understandable confusion in the house whenever I am badmouthing them.

Hayate was my first pawn, who I affectionately bad mouth and occasionally throw into the Everfall (with love) when I have too much schtuff to copy at The Black Cat. Oh, right. I also threw him at a Cursed Dragon. Twice.

H has been running around with my husband's Arisen almost before he could draw a bow. Third star Gransys continues to elude him, as do a few third star bestiary entries (mostly the ones that require shields, we're big on speed and magic at my house, not so much on slow and strong).

Since he's got enough levels to survive a hit or two, some of his equipment choices were made thematically based on the gear that I have available at the time. (IE: the trophy jacket is far superior to the Dark Lorica, but real-life Hayate is a black cat with a white spot on his chest. The trophy jacket is totally the wrong color. But hey, I made up for that choice by giving him the Boots of Shadow even though my Arisen totally saw them first, right?)

User Info: Keffypoo

4 years ago#8
Version: DA
GT: Violence Angel
Pawn: Olbohn
Vocation: Lv200 sorcerer
Inclination: scather / pioneer.
Comments: very powerful and very cool-looking sorcerer, all gold equipment.

Grand Ingle
Grand Gicel
Grand Levin
Grand Seism
High Maelstrom
High Voidspell

Tends to single out big enemies, and usually kills them instantly with High Maelstrom (no idea why he uses that spell more than the others); very, very useful pawn against Eliminator, Living Armour and Dire Drakes if you are not a magic user yourself, since these three enemies have insane resistances to physical attacks. Keep them busy and the pawn will ohko them. Try to put a Wyrmking's Ring on him, since it's not something I can equip on him myself, obviously.
Gamertag: Violence Angel

User Info: Dalere

4 years ago#9
I cant afford these Any of these pawns iv only ever gotten 100k RC total

User Info: robert43s

4 years ago#10
Dalere posted...
I cant afford these Any of these pawns iv only ever gotten 100k RC total

Send a friend request. Friend pawns are free to hire (0 RC).
GT: Rob ShadowHawk - level 200 Strider
GT: DragonHunter720 - level 200 Sorcerer
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