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User Info: meralonne

4 years ago#71

GT: meralonne
Pawn: Gorgoron, level 200 Sorcerer
likes: Bolide, Gicel, Miasma, tossing Draken into the brine
dislikes: Cockatrices, Hawke

GT: ExcludedMovie93
Pawn: Valeria Dax, level 135 Ranger
likes: Blast arrows
dislikes: the Brine
(Note: my Arisen in this game is nearly max level, but I'm keeping the pawn at 135)
"Sigs are for dorks."-- my wife

User Info: Mitch07824

4 years ago#72
Version: Dark Arisen
GT: DipolarGrunt073
Pawn: Gerstan
Vocation: Mage, 140
Inclination: Utilitarian, Scather
Comments: Skills are Thunder/Ice/Holy Affinity High Levin, Grand Anodyne, High Halidom has a 2 star Knowledge of BBI. Also has the Sinew augment so he can be the guy you dump all your rubbish on, all gear is at least 3 star enhanced with some yellow dragon forged gloves.

User Info: Mick65

4 years ago#73
GT: cmStone
Pawn: Kurgan. Level 180ish Ranger.
Cha/Mit/Scather/util (no matter how many potions I feed him, Scather always sneaks back in)
I haven't farmed extensively but he has decent gear and a good look. I've spent some time with my Arisen using his vocation and skills and I would say he is competent.

User Info: Mitch07824

4 years ago#74
can't edit so Update and Bump

Version: Dark Arisen
GT: DipolarGrunt073
Pawn: Gerstan
Vocation: Mage, 179
Inclination: Utilitarian, Medicant
Stats: 2354 magick, 730 Defense, 1077 magick defense
Comments: Skills are Thunder Pact/Ice Affinity/Holy Affinity, High Levin, Grand Anodyne, High Halidom. Has the Sinew augment so he can be the guy you dump all your rubbish on. 3 gold rare and 1 silver rare armor pieces, rest is 3 star enhanced.
I've Really built him as a support for BBI, relying on support pawns or Arisen to do most of the damage.

User Info: Derdak54

4 years ago#75
Update :P

Derdak54 posted...
Version: DA
GT: Derdak54
Pawn: Tessa
Vocation: Sorcerer , Level 200
Inclination: utilitarian/challenger/mitigator
Comments: Maxed out magic , she's mostly setup for Ur hunting , best for MK party with team of sorcerer .holy affinity , grand bolide , grand fulmination , grand gicel , high ingle , high voidspell ( this one can change with maelstrom )

Version: DA
GT: GRDvStingray69
Pawn: Felli
Vocation: Mage , Level 200
Inclination: Challenger/Utilitarian/Medicant
Comments: She setup as a offensive mage , high comestion , grand levin/brontide , grand frigor , holy affinity and grand anodyne . she's a balanced build so have more stamina and defense than a pure mage/sorcerer but slightly less mag attack .

Version: DA
GT: ArisenNemesis00
Pawn: Myu
Vocation: Strider , Level 200
Inclination: Scather/challenger/pioneer
Comments: levelled mostly as strider/ranger , she's set up for Ur hunting , remove her bow and she will climb and use 1000 kisses like beast .

Version: DA
GT: BadAstronaut38
Pawn: Miranda
Vocation: Warrior , Level 200
Inclination: Mitigator/Scather/Pioneer
Comments: she is a full strenght build , i might changer her often between ranger, fighter and warrior sometimes.
GTs: Derdak54 , GRDvStingray69 , ArisenNemesis00 , BadAstronaut38
-----Tessa_Sorc -- Felli_Mage ------ Myu_ Strider ---- Miranda_Ranger

User Info: SeanFoH

4 years ago#76
Version: DA
Pawn: Louise
Vocation: Level 200 Mage
Inclination: Utilitarian/Mitigator

Has 3053 Magic and the following skills:

Grand Ingle
Grand Levin
Grand Frigor
Grand Anodyne
High Halidom
Holy Affinity

Wears fully upgraded Carrion gear, except for the helm which is a Dragonwing Circlet for looks.

Is 100% Resistant to Blind, Sleep, Possession, Silence, Cursed, Petrification, and Defenses Lowered.

User Info: sein

4 years ago#77
Sorta kinda started to pick this up again. Still don't play that often though.

GT: Haleys Core
Pawn: Wonder Woman

I think i pulled her look off about as accurately as you can get with the equip available. And still managed to keep her defense stats passable for most of BBI. IMO her face/physique is deadon, but her gear doesn't completely look like her traditional costume. But apparently she has a slew of variations (and occasionally uses a shield and sword , who'd a thunk O_o)

Mine looks more like this one (minus the black jacket):


LvL 200 fighter (almost min/max strength build)


Dragons Maw
Heavenly Slash
Hindsight strike (3rd tier)

only Sheltered Facillade (however it's spelt) as the shield skill
"The flames wouldn't be eternal, if they actually consumed anything "

User Info: Mick65

4 years ago#78
Update, Kurgan is now back where he belongs at Fighter, level 200. I don't have all his end gear yet but he's outfitted well. Good but not full beast knowledge.
Inclinations; Mit/Util/Sca (no matter how many potions, he still goes back to scather)

GT: cmStone

FR always welcome.

User Info: Xx-_Shadow_-xX

4 years ago#79
Hey my pawn Abyss is a sorceror who is starting to get geared up. He is awesome in fights, has good knowledge and I believe he is around level 115 right now. Still gearing him up and I don't remember his stats but he was pretty handy against daimons second formnso his magic should be at least decent. Send me a friend request if you use him as trading could be good. Got most BB materials and have a few lv3 weapons, armor and gear that could be traded
Psn - Xlx-_Shadow_-xlX
Pawn- Abyss

User Info: Snake_Oil

4 years ago#80
GT: Otomo Tenzi
Pawn: Sabina
Level: 200
Vocation: Strider
Inclination: Pioneer/Scather
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