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User Info: Itachipwnsu

4 years ago#1
Lvl 200 MK/assassin looking for some Xbox friends for renting pawns/ trading

Pawn is 200 Mage with fine equipment.

Profile name is StrolledExpert7

User Info: Spain13

4 years ago#2
ill add you
GT: Spain PhD

User Info: SimianWonder

4 years ago#3
I'll add you later if you like. My pawn is a level 190ish ranger. Decent gear, though mainly chosen for looks over stats, good knowledge of most enemy types... she'll do me proud, im sure.

GT is Simian Wonder
Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star. Confucius

User Info: Hashshashin-x

4 years ago#4
Send a friend request, my pawns need more death and destruction in their' lives.
XBL:Hashshashin/200/Bezorra/Strider/Ranger---Blast Arrow Queen
XBL:Koranitas/200/Philo/Fighter----Trance Induced Sentinel

User Info: Vladtheimplr

4 years ago#5
Feel free to add me ..
Oh and if you need any particular pawn set up let me know.. Debilitation weapons, vocation, buffs etc..
GT MTYMOBB63 Pawn SAPPHIRE 200 mage-sorc-strider-ranger

User Info: Phractal65

4 years ago#6
Any of you can add me, although my current pawn is only level 120'sh I'm in the process of levelling her up.
XBL: iluminatae Pawn: Leaf (Sorcerer)

User Info: pweidman

4 years ago#7
Always looking for good mages. Send a FR to my GT and I'll rent him/her for sure.

User Info: sorceres65

4 years ago#8
hubby and i are both looking for ppl to friend on dd:da, if anyone wants to add us, his GT is KillerGangrel, pawn is Ghost, female ranger, level 193, and mine is GT DarkAngelfyre, pawn is Ares, male warrior (for now) lvl 60, we both need friends pls and ty :)
I have many skills.....

User Info: xJdKxZomBiE

4 years ago#9
LVL 200 myself

Add me, I'll gladly take your pawns through BBI, ( no matter the level ) but if you get one back with no items and a 3 star rating, fear not, they simply died while fighting Death with me. He is a douche that one. But I'm on my third time killing him for scythe shards.

GT xJdKxZomBiE

Pawn is Cloud. Should be a warrior. Or a fighter, I honestly do not remember which.

If you require another vocation for him, message me, I have them all maxed.

Inclination should be Scather/Utilitarian.

Most of my gear i equip on my pawn is for aesthetics. But normally at minimum Silver /dragonforged. 100% resistance to possession. and as high sleep resist as i can muster for when you run across Death.

User Info: iLag95

4 years ago#10
Feel free to add me! I'm pretty new but I'll help you or your alts out when I get higher! And I do trades frequently.
GamerTag: iLag95
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