New to the game and a few questions!

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User Info: Harpylady

3 years ago#1
Hiya all.

Been playing Dragons Dogma for about a week, and DA for about say.. two days now, I Feel i have a good grasp on the basics so hopefully my questions wont be to annoying and common place.

Firstly... Crafting! I have so many goods and such, Is Upgrading the only form of making new shiney things for the poking of Goblin kind?

Secondly... Treasure chests! Will they ever hold anything better than Perdiat (sp?) Items and gold pouches?

Thirdly... Axes! Where are my Axes ^.^; Ive swords, maces, even a spiked bat of sorts, But no Axes, Wheres the love for everyones inner dwarf?
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User Info: CatfishWiggins

3 years ago#2
No axes.

Most of the chests you find playing the normal game have low quality gear in them. In the Everfall you have a chance to get good gear and in the DA island you have the chance to get the best gear. Some chests have BBI level 3 items and they turn into the best items in the game when you identify them.

Most of the items you find that say "combinable" can be combined in your innkeeper storage menu to make other items. I've never really messed with this, you can use it to mix nuts when health potions to get stronger health potions and stuff like that. Most of the items you find can also be used as upgrade material.
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  3. New to the game and a few questions!

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