sorcerer pawn is giving trouble

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User Info: sorceres65

3 years ago#1
my hubby's sorcerer pawn is rank 9 vocation, level 55, it has good overall stats and inclination, but one thing is driving him absolutely bonkers, and that is that the pawn refuses to use any spell except high miasma. he has high bolide, high gicel, high comestion, high maelstrom, and high levin, but now matter what situation they get into, he comes out with the high miasma. my husband has taken it away from him before, about 15 lvls ago, he just gave it back and now his pawn is right back to using high miasma exclusively and ignoring his other spells, which renders him pretty darn uselessly when he tries using it on creatures like the cockatrice. :P it's a good spell when used properly, but it looks like my hubby is going to have to take it away from him again, and so we're wondering, does anyone else have this problem? with a sorcerer pawn using one spell exclusively? and how can we fix it, without taking it away? pawn's inclinations are utilitarian/challenger if that helps.
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User Info: Raist74

3 years ago#2
I would repost this on the original dragons dogma board.this board is dead.
For better answers, all the people on the board play dark arisen on the other board.
That being said have you trained your pawn, what to use by either being a sorcerer yourself, or highing other pawns that are sorcerers. Pawns learn by mimicking the arisen or other pawns .
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User Info: closetblonde

3 years ago#3
Pawns use spells in the order they are set so try putting High Miasma in the last slot and see if he still prefers it. It could also be that he doesn't have the knowledge of the specific element the creature is weak to so goes for a default (Miasma). A Utilitarian inclination in the top three inclinations would also help the pawn pick the most suitable spell (and synch much better with other sorcerors).

But yeah, rent some sorcerors or go sorceror yourself and teach the pawn how to fight.

User Info: meralonne

3 years ago#4
I find Lassitude to be much more useful than Miasma, personally.
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