Moonbeam Gem?

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User Info: quizmelater

4 years ago#1
I've mined a number of moonstones....what do I combine them with to produce moonbeam gems (if that is, in fact, what you do to acquire them).

Thanks much!
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User Info: Vegerunks

4 years ago#2
With how many doors require it i'm assuming its acquired by following the Purple circle like the Void key was.
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User Info: FallenOasis

4 years ago#3
nope and nope
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User Info: Shybaason

4 years ago#4
they are found throughout BBI i know of 2 so far (1 in warriors rest and another at arisen's rest) HAS to be more since you need 9 or 10 to open all the doors

User Info: LostQuestion

4 years ago#5
i wonder if they can be black cat copyed
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User Info: Darkpal

4 years ago#6
they can not be black cat'd they are grayed out in the menu

User Info: PeaceForGallia

4 years ago#7
Ive found like 5 so far, there seems to be a few more as there seems to be some secret moonbeam doors in the area. You have the 4 or 6 moonbeam doors at the bottom level then 2 more up top.

I was climbing stuff and found a moonbeam door at the top of some cliff and another hidden away in a wall which you could only get to by climbing a rock, jumping to a ledge and then jumping to the gap in the wall. Not much of an explanation but you just gotta climb stuff xD

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