List of new Bitterblack Isle gear and Tier 3 skill rings

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User Info: yavian2001

4 years ago#1
I have collected what I believe to be every new piece of gear from the Dark Arisen Expansion. I made a list like this on the Dark Arisen Xbox360 board.

//The New Weapons//
The stats listed here for the weapons are the weapons upgraded to Gold tier.

//Magick Bow//
Blackwing Bow
1522 - Magick
Dragons' Tempest (Lightning Element)
1220 - Magick

//Great Bow//
Revenant Wail
1366 - Strength
Dragons Glaze (Ice Element)
806 - Strength
464 - Magick

Darkening Storm
1305- Strength
Dragon's Ire (Fire Element)
775 - Strength
430 - Magick

//Magick Shield//
Diabolic Shield
690 - Strength
1232 - Magick
Purged Buckler (Holy Element)
600 - Strength
1160 - Magick

Dread Aspis
966 - Strength
Dragon's Roost (Lightning Element)/(Strength Down Debilitation)
374 - Strength
565 - Magick

Sanguine Stalk
439 - Strength
1730 - Magick
Hallowed Dragon
369 - Strength
1620 - Magick
Bane Archistaff
319 - Strength
1502 - Magick

Dominion Claw
429 - Strength
1515 - Magick
Melting Focus (Fire Element)
359 - Strength
1421 - Magick
Chilling Focus
309 - Strength
1372 - Magick

Frame Blades
1429 - Strength
Sapfire Daggers (Fire Element)/(Defense Down Debilitations)
568 - Strength
798 - Magick
Helmbarte Daggers
1344 - Strength

Devil's Nail
2100 - Strength
Twiterfang (Ice Element)
1221 - Strength
757 - Magick
1798 - Strength

Bitter End
2055 - Strength
Boltbringer (Lightning Element)
1176 - Strength
757 - Magick
Gransys Flamberge
1736 - Strength

Virge of Madness
2001 - Strength
Magebreaker (Ice Element)
1036 - Strength
716 - Magick
Shooting Star
1596 - Strength

1848 - Strength
Cursed Light (Holy Element)
974 - Strength
708 - Magick
Cursed Bite
1524 - Strength

User Info: yavian2001

4 years ago#2
//The New Armor//
I am not going to list the stats on this stuff upgraded to Gold tier because that is too much work for me.

//The 13 Bitterblack Armor Pieces//
Grave Veil
Grave Mantle
Grave Claws
Grave Greaves

Hood of Shadow
Coat of Shadow
Gauntlets of Shadow
Boots of Shadow

Nether Helmet
Traitor's Armor
Sinner's Gauntlets
Betrayer's Greaves

Blasphemer's Cloak

//Better Versions of the 13 Bitterblack Armor Pieces//
Carrion Veil
Carrion Mantle
Carrion Claws
Carrion Greaves

Hood of Oblivion
Coat of Oblivion
Gauntlet of Oblivion
Boots of Oblivion

Hellfire Helm
Hellfire Armor
Hellfire Gauntlets
Hellfire Greaves

Hellfire Cloak

::Note::The Bitterblack and thier better versions can have these extra enhancements on them

For Head pieces
Extends duration of equiped skills
Gradually restore health
Boosts strength when you've been noticed by a large number of enemies
Slightly reduces damage from bow attacks
Reduces damage from bow attacks

For Body pieces
Extends duration of equiped skills
Gradually restore health
Slightly heal health of those around pawn
Your debilitations naturally heal themselves more quickly than normal

For Arm pieces
Slighty restore statmina when you deliver the killing blow
Restore stamina when you deliver the killing blow
Extends duration of attribute boosts applied to you
Boosts the power of normal and magick shields

For Leg pieces
Slighty increases maximum item-carrying capacity
Increases maximum item-carrying capacity
Boosts movement speed while casting spells
Extends duration of you enemy holds
Prevents wind from affecting mobility

//The Other New Armor//
Immortal Helm
Immortal's Coat
Immortal's Bracers
Immortal Sabatons

Trophy Jacket
Trophy Bracers
Trophy Boots

Adept's Hat
Adept's Robe

Dragonwing Circlet
Dragonwing Gloves
Dragonwing Boots

Persecutor's Mask
Tormenter's Mask

Traveler's Hood
Traveler's Vest

Celestial Armor
Cursed King's Belt
Bonds of the Dragon
Votary's Robe
Apostate's Anklet
Assault Boots
Hinterland Waistguard
Extrinsic Waistguard
Delta Guard
Silk Tights
Crested Armguards
Blessed Sleeves
Farseer's Cap
Mercenary Slogs
Mistletoe Circlet
Patterned Gambeson
Wizarding Gloves
Worker's Gloves
Novice's Coat

Sovereign's Mantle
Divine Embrace
Adept's Mantle
Nomad's Mantle

User Info: yavian2001

4 years ago#3
//The New Rings//

Shield Enchanter's Band
Dark Enchanter/Abyssal Trance
Holy Enchanter/Blessed Trance
Fire Enchanter/Flame Trance
Thunder Enchanter/Lightning Trance
Ice Enchanter/Frost Trance

Staff Enchanter's Band
Dark Boon/Affinity
Holy Boon/Holy Affinity
Fire Boon/Fire Affinity
Thunder Boon/Thunder Affinity
Ice Boon/Ice Affinity

Assassin's Band
Wind Harness/Gale Harness
Back Kick/Escape Onslaught
Keen Sight/Lyneean Sight
Gouge/Dire Gouge
Powder Charge/Powder Blast

Magick Archer's Band

Mystic Kinght's Band
Sopor/High Sopor
Holy Glare/Holy Furor
Stone Grove/Stone Forest
Funnel Sigil/Vortex Sigil

Sorcerer's Band
Gicel/High Gicel
Seism/High Seism
Fulmination/High Fulmination
Bolide/High Bolide

Ranger's Band
Whirling Arrow/Spiral Arrow
Foot Binder/Body Binder
Dire Arrow/Deathly Arrow

Warrior's Band
Spark Slash/Corona Slash
Arc of Might/Arc of Deliverance
Savage Lunge/Indomitable Lunge
Savage Lash/Indomitable Lash

Mage's Band
Anodyne/High Anodyne
Brontide/High Brontide
Frigor/High Frigor

Strider's Band
Cloudburst Volley/Downpour Volley
Stepping Stone/Leaping Stone
Helm Splitter/Skull Splitter

Fighter's Band
Sheltered Spike/Shelterd Assault
Hindsight Slash/Hindsight Sweep
Flesh Skewer/Soul Skewer

Magick Bowman's Band
Magickal Flare/Magickal Gleam
Explosive Bolt/Explosive Rivet
Threefold Bolt/Sixfold Bolt

Magick Shieldman's Band
Holycounter/Blessed Riposte
Darkcounter/Abyssal Riposte
Firecounter/Flame Riposte
Thundercounter/Thunder Riposte
Icecounter/Frost Riposte

Staff-Bearer's Band
Brontide/High Brontide
Frigor/High Frigor
Levin/High Levin
Ingle/High Ingle

Bowman's Ring
Full Bend/Mighty Bend

Daggerist's Band
Bitting Wind/Cutting Wind
Scarlet Kisses/Hundrex Kisses

Swordman's Band
Blink Strike/Burst Strike

Shieldman's Ring
Shield Strike/Shield Storm

Wanderlust Ring
A ring imbued with a mysterious power. Increases the wearer's amount of Health restored when rescuing pawns.

Ring of Perseverance
A ring imbued with a mysterious power. It increases the discipline eaned by the wearer.

Ring of Desiccation
A ring imbued with a mysterious power. It encases its wearer in a waterproof membrane, putting an immediate end to the denched debilitation.

Stonewall Warring
A ring that boosts its wearer's Defenses, and thier resistance to being knocked down or staggered while their mobility level is heavy or above.

Bloody Knuckle
Wearing it boosts the wearer's power when fighting barehanded

Vandal's Ring
A ring imbued with a mysterious power. Wearing it boosts the power of projectile weapons such as Throwblasts.

Savior Ring
Boosts maximum Health by 500.
Boosts maximum Stamina by 500.

Master Ring, Preceptor Ring, Virtuoso Ring
Two random stats. Can be anything from plus Magick to debilitation resistance.

User Info: BossSnake

4 years ago#4
Thanks for posting this!
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User Info: 0megaDragonSwor

4 years ago#5
Awesome, I was wondering if I had gotten the best weapons already, and though I have a Devil's Nail, there are alot more I don't have. Too bad there aren't more enhancement rings though, was thinking there was one for each skill, lol.
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User Info: I_liek_mudkieps

4 years ago#6
wow...thanks for the info....

off topic but how long did it take you to collect all these?

also request for a sticky so people would know and less topics about items in BBI

User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#7
Disappointed some skills don't even get upgrades.

User Info: Poopcorn13

4 years ago#8
You am no real super sand. - Virginia

User Info: Ryukami211

4 years ago#9
that's one sticky request from me ;) great job.
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User Info: Clausudoisback

4 years ago#10
Something is missing...
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