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User Info: OmenofFate

4 years ago#21
Please bring my pawn on some runs I have a lvl 135 Mage. Psn is kaiden_requiem.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#22
PSN: Elazu
Pawn: Aveira, level 25 currently. Playing a lot at the moment though, so she'll level quickly.

Thanks for doing awesome stuff like this! :)

User Info: Kihou

4 years ago#23
Psn: Serphkihou
Pawn: Kitcat
Vocation: Mage

I don't know if my pawn will get a summon with all the posts here, but thanks for doing this in general. It helps us all out a ton.
PSN: Serphkihou

User Info: superboy1281

4 years ago#24
Help me please need some crystals;

PSN: superboy0081
Pawn: Wizel
Lvl : 79 Strider

PSN superboy0081

User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#25
I've been hiring level 79 pawns (very active BBI level). I'll also hire yours.


4 years ago#26
PSN: Lord-Allant

Pawn: Casca
Lvl: 82 ( I believe; I'm not currently home. D:)


4 years ago#27
PSN: Lord-Allant

Pawn: Casca a
Lvl: 82 ( I believe; I'm not currently home. D:)

Sorry for double post.

She's a warrior. :)

Thank you very much! :D

User Info: qcitep

4 years ago#28
ashely L.31

User Info: Snake_StorM

4 years ago#29
I am currently farming the final boss atm , it takes me like 3 minutes to finish him off , sometimes less , i need loadz of rift crystals if u dun mind plz...

PSN : Snake_StorM
Pawn Class : Sorcerer
Gear : Almost full dark arisen best ingame gear and staff
Level : 190
Name : Morgana

User Info: DivineTestament

4 years ago#30
coolford98 posted...
i'll be glad to offer you my pawn.

PSN ID: Coolford98
Pawn: Emilia, lvl 35 mage with fire boon and holy boon

frozentuna posted...
This is mighty kind of you.

PSN: elszsle
Pawn Name & Level: Gaz (sorcerer), level 30-something

Dunder & Shadow, released after 5 runs, gifted Random Bitterblack items. :)

Emilia & Gaz recruited. In for 10 runs.
Creator of JOGOO - Just One Guy's Opinion On:
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  3. Need Rift Crystals? Click me!

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