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User Info: snakeiscool

4 years ago#41
DivineTestament posted...
closetkpopfan posted...
Terra - Level 96ish I think

I'll be happy for whatever you gift as I'm still looking for most things.

snakeiscool posted...
PSN: oni3298
Pawn name: Griffith

I could definitely use it. Thanks in advance! =]

Terra & Griffith recruited. In for 2 runs.

Terra & Griffith released, gifted a random bitterblack item after 2 runs. (Griffith is an awesome pawn btw)

Will continue tomorrow. :)

Haha, yay! Thanks a bunch dude! :D

User Info: Dredj

4 years ago#42
PSN = Koite
Pawn Name = Erthna, level 40 Mage

User Info: badlad1018

4 years ago#43
Psn Tenrosu
Pawn's name is karin. Any help is appreciated.
Gamefaqs - Same questions every day!

User Info: NeoJoe731

4 years ago#44
Nessa lvl 200

No need to send anything. I'm just super low on RC and could use the help. If you get to, I very much appreciate the help! :)
PSN: NeoJoe731

User Info: frozentuna

4 years ago#45
Received almost 38k rift crystals and of course the cursed item when my pawn returned. Thanks TC!

User Info: Rhenon

4 years ago#46
PSN: Red-Cetra
Pawn: Rose, lvl 200 ranger

User Info: zidane19002

4 years ago#47
Generous people here, I've noticed

PSN: Davedkj
Pawn: Zerase, level 20
ooh, soft.

User Info: Harvestbuddy

4 years ago#48
PSN: Harvestbuddy
Pawn: Ozma; Fighter; Level 65

If you still get through all these requests! Thanks much!

User Info: vedoris86

4 years ago#49
PSN vedoris
pawn Maica monkeir maya SORC lvl 100

User Info: BurningLance

4 years ago#50
well if you dont mind that is then here is my pawn.

Name: Pinkie Pie (yup she is after a certain Party loving pony from MLP)
Lvl: 17 tho leveling her atm
class: Warrior (will be Ranger after lvl100)
inclination: Scather & Mitigator

shame i dont know which voice option thats fits closest too Pinkie Pie best

same with the hair option too, not curly & puffy enough lol (dont want afros)
3DS FC: 1355-7222-3011 ...PSN: BurningLance_2 -- NNID: BurningLance
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