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User Info: LordTopak

4 years ago#51
TIA tc!

Pawn: Khryzhen, Level 84 fighter
PSN: Tsambs96
PSN ID: Tsambs96
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User Info: DivineTestament

4 years ago#52
frozentuna posted...
Received almost 38k rift crystals and of course the cursed item when my pawn returned. Thanks TC!

I was curious as to how much RC someone would net with this process.

Glad that I could help. :)

I do believe that I'm done tho. I'm not seeing the items that I want, and after some research its only a nominal upgrade at best.

Being able to totally murder everfall on Hard, and to be just challenged enough in BBL on hard for the game to remain fun is what I was after. I got that, so I'm pretty satisfied.

Congrats to those that got something, and apologies to those that didnt.

If there's a way to help in the future, I'll be sure to be more succinct about doing so.

Have a good weekend. ;)
Creator of JOGOO - Just One Guy's Opinion On:
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  3. Need Rift Crystals? Click me!

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