Capcom fails at difficulty.

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User Info: HonooNoYari

4 years ago#41
SirRegulus posted...
God, I'm trying to beat Daimon 2 with a fighter right now, and it's utter bull$&@#. I like the attack that just gets rid of all your pawns. I don't see how you can interrupt the second form's version of that BS with a melee character. Just trying to jump up to him drained all of my stamina and ended up getting me killed too.

It's like they wanted people to just stand far away and at stunlock him with blast arrows. Terrible.

Not that it's anything new. The Ur-Dragon is just as bad.

Actually the best way to kill both forms as a melee class is to jump up, grab his head, stack 4 Conqueror Periapts and wail like no tomorrow. The 2nd form is a bit trickier because it uses immolation and thunder more often in attempt to shake you off. The rift vortex attack cannot affect you if you're already on his head, and if you keep hitting his head, he will actually fail the vortex attempt and enter his stunned animation. With a gold DFed Virge of Madness I have 3000+ strength and this trick kills him much quicker than anything else I tried. Haven't tried Hallowed Invocation yet though.
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User Info: SirRegulus

4 years ago#42
Thanks for the tips. I just did it as a Fighter; I equipped a bunch of Gryphic gear, a couple of thunder res rings, and four Liquid Vims. His lightning attacks did functionally nothing to me with 88% resist, and Steel Will prevented them from knocking me off, giving me all kinds of time to tear him to pieces.
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