Hire my Sorc pawn and get lvl 3 stuff!

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  3. Hire my Sorc pawn and get lvl 3 stuff!

User Info: Jdub_smooth

4 years ago#1
Hi all..my PSN is Joshpokergood.

My pawn is a level 126? Sorc with skills I constantly change and tinker with...

Right now she has Levin,Gicel,Voidspell,ingle,holy affinity,and another I cant recall. Willing to change them if you prefer something different. All those skills are High/grand.

Her gear is pretty decent with a mix/match of new stuff and old stuff..most dragonforged or higher and she has been a mage/sorc just about for EVERY level up..her magic is in the 2600 range and she has a bunch of good caster augments on and sinew.

I will add tot his or edit it later.

But I am VERY low on rift coins now and I have some level 3 stuff to trade.

I have some level 3 gears, couple level 3 armors which are the second to highest tier boots..ie shadow/grave, and I have a level 3 weapon which will turn into devils nail..the ranger bow..or the sanguine stalk.

I don't have an exact number in mind for how many rift coins equals one of these items..but I am pretty fair...My goal is 500k rift coins and I will add more gear to this list as I go.

I will also list her inclination and her skills as they change. I am thinking about giving her comestation or bolide again.

That's my post..sorry for the vagueness but like I said..I will clear it up later.

If interested you can post here or send me a FRIEND REQUEST on PSN. I do not have random messages on and if you were lower level I would add you anyways so you wouldnt have to pay for her.



User Info: vedoris86

4 years ago#2
ill give her ago for awhile

my psn is vedoris

add me im lvl 105

ill see if i can get on tonight (depends on what misses wants to do)

User Info: Jdub_smooth

4 years ago#3
Kool Kool...sending Friend request in a few..going to tweak her skills a little too.

They are now in the following order.



High Gicel

High Bolide

Holy Affinity

High Voidepell

Articulacy, Acuity, Gravitas, Conservation, Sinew, Attunement.

User Info: CammyStrike

4 years ago#4
I'll try tomorrow. My PSN is NarutoRevolution. I'm lvl 200. And I want dem Boots of Shadow.
Delta Red's Killer Bee!
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User Info: Zxman300

4 years ago#5
oh mad i need a new sorc pawn anyway ill use her heaps man. especially if youre giving away stuff
PSN: Zxman300

User Info: Chudamaru

4 years ago#6
Was gonna do some work in BBI on my alt account tonight, I'll send you a request.
Alt PSN: DilainJP
PSN: chudamaru

User Info: tadpinoy

4 years ago#7
=Will send a FR to hire your pawn tomorrow =)
PSN: DragonKnight2007
"Don't ruin my stories with your logic!" - Richard Castle

User Info: OmegaShenron212

4 years ago#8
I'll take her on a full run of BBI tomorrow, my PSN is in my sig and my pawn is a 148 warrior. I'd prefer lv 3 armor if you don't mind but weapons and gear are cool too.
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User Info: Jdub_smooth

4 years ago#9
NarutoRevolution you can have a pair of the boots sure...will accept your FR when I get it np.

Zxman300 sounds good. I will help you out with extra gear I have or if you want something specific and I can spare it it's yours...otherwise you get first dibs at the level 3 cursed weapon I mentioned or some level 3 rings.

DilainJP sounds good man..lemme know if you need anything.

DragonKnight2007 sweet..thanks dude. lemme know if you need anything.

The_Real_Snake yeah np man..I got a pair of those boots I mentioned still and I am going to be killing the boss a few more times soon.

To anyone else interested please let me know. I will be fair and try to get something to someone that they can use.

I appreciate guys..I really do. Thank you.


User Info: Zxman300

4 years ago#10
any of the rings or amour would help out a lot thnaks man.
PSN: Zxman300
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  3. Hire my Sorc pawn and get lvl 3 stuff!

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