Tactic and Strat Scroll Help plz.

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  3. Tactic and Strat Scroll Help plz.

User Info: Dackius

4 years ago#1
I am in need of a majority of the strategy and tactic scrolls in the game. I am trying to create a repository so I have a full collection to forge and help friends and others I need of a few.

I currently have:

Cockatrice strat 1
Ghost tactics 2
Skeleton strat
Undead strat 2
Undead tactics 1
Wolf tactics 1

I need all the others, although I have used a number in previous play throughs, I wanted to keep a copy of each so I could help others in the future.

I realize that this isn't a lot, but I've spent the last 3 days trying to farm them, and obviously haven't had much luck. That why I figured it would be faster to stop in here.

I understand how long and tedious it can be to copy and send multiple items, so I would be happy to trade items back, or pay kindness forward of anyone that can help me out with a few of these. Thx in advance.

Feel free to add me. PSN Dackius
PSN: Dackius

User Info: Dackius

4 years ago#2
Update, thanks to a donation, and nothing on tv, my library now includes:

Chimera Strat 1-2
Chimera Tact
Cockatrice Strat 1-2
Draconian Strat 1
Evil Eye Strat 2
Ghost Tactics 1-2
Golem Strat 2
Golem Tactics
Griffin Strat 1-2
Hobgoblin Tact
Hydra strat 2
Hydra Tact
Saurian tact 1
Wolf strat 1&3
Undead Strat 2
Undead tactics 1
Skeleton Strat

Please help me find the others I am looking for:

Griffin strat 3
Evil Eye strat 1
Saurian Strat 1-2
Saurian Tact 2
Skeleton Knight

And any others you might have that I haven't mentioned. Also, if someone could help me confirm if there is or is not a Gorechimera scroll? I've seen discussion but can't find evidence on any wikis. Thanks a ton!
PSN: Dackius
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  3. Tactic and Strat Scroll Help plz.

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