The Official Pawn Trading Club of Dark Arisen

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User Info: Toddlarod

4 years ago#31
lordoflions posted...
lordoflions | LordofLions | Angela lvl >30 | Strider

Tried to add you the other day, but you have a full friend list,lol

Any helpful stuff will be appreciated!!

Huh. Okay. Ill have to make some room :) sorry about that!

I added you and Nicodimus to my list in my notes.

Going to bed, thanks again everyone. Will add any new people to the list and then update it here in the morning. :)
Currently playing: Dragon's Dogma, Skyrim. DD PAWN: Vanessa, level <150
PSN: toddlarod

User Info: Qc_Stryder

4 years ago#32
Alright, here's mine for anyone interested

Qc_stryder | Qc_stryder | Brea | lvl > 100 | Ranger

Also if anyone has knowledge of a good lvl >100 Mage Pawn for BBI let me know
I'm not quite good enough yet to run around without one
Qc_Stryder said that^^

User Info: Thelibra1012

4 years ago#33

PSN: thelibra
PAwn: TheAries
Vocation: Mage
Level: 100<

Need some RC... and i am trying to find a decent weapon for my Mystic knight.

User Info: Ayindree

4 years ago#34
PSN: overlord_envy
Pawn: Carmina

Level 200 Sorcerer, almost full Carrion set (spare the veil, I currently have the Grave Veil), which is gold level, along with gold level Sanguine Stalk. Magic Attack of nearly 3500. Very high defenses.

User Info: thanatos83

4 years ago#35
PSN: Jamiaro
Pawn: Rurik, lvl 52 Strider with bow and dagger
Inclinations: Challenger / Scather
PSN: Jamiaro
DD: Da Pawn: Rurik, lvl 52 Strider. Inc: Challenger / Scather
(message deleted)

User Info: frozentuna

4 years ago#37
frozentuna | elszsle | Gaz <50 | Strider (might switch to warrior after vocation is maxed)

User Info: coolford98

4 years ago#38
PSN ID: Coolford98
Pawn: Emilia, lvl 46 mage
Abilities: High Anodyne Fire Affinity, Holy Affinity, High Ingle

User Info: Nephandu

4 years ago#39
My thanks to:

MikeC28 - 5 stars*, a bitterback lv3 novelty and wakestone! Plus 40k RC
Maverick8821 - Guess he faced death. 3 stars* and no item, plus 34k RC
PSN: C_H_Oliver / Pawn: Brazen / Lv100`s Ranger / Fantasy looks
Are you a man? Or dragon? Or something else? ~ Frostwyrm

User Info: Gatterrimo

4 years ago#40
Gatterrimo | Gatterrimo | Lorelei >50 | Fighter (still experimenting though, so I switch frequently)

I'll gladly hire any pawns that are about the same level as mine but probably will avoid the high levelled ones. I have Hyperion with me right now and I'll take some of the others in the next few days.
If someone would be so kind kind to repay the favor I'd be very grateful. My pawn has never been hired before and I'm running low on RC buying those elixirs.
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