The Official Pawn Trading Club of Dark Arisen

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User Info: xuchu

4 years ago#41
This sounds like a good community thing. My sorcerer is lvl 80 but, admittedly, not very good so any hires would be appreciated.

xuchu | naresh_b5 | Sere lvl 80 sorcerer utilitarian/scather
PSN: naresh_b5

User Info: AcheronAlmighty

4 years ago#42
AcheronAlmighty/TheFatMan101/Artemis lvl >100 Mage/Sorcerer
PSN ID: TheFatMan101

User Info: shin_ein

4 years ago#43
Shin_Ein | Shin_Ein | Amatiel | <100 | Sorc

User Info: AbhorrentDeity

4 years ago#44
I just hired Rurik. Will be screwing around in BBI for awhile. Hopefully things go well for us :)

User Info: Nephandu

4 years ago#45
My thanks to UraBysa for 5* and 44k RC

Am alternating pawns often.
PSN: C_H_Oliver / Pawn: Brazen / Lv100`s Ranger / Fantasy looks
Are you a man? Or dragon? Or something else? ~ Frostwyrm

User Info: thanatos83

4 years ago#46
AbhorrentDeity posted...
I just hired Rurik. Will be screwing around in BBI for awhile. Hopefully things go well for us :)

thank you very much. :) if you have any tips in which way I should take him, do tell. I'd appreciate it. Rurik has been a fighter mostly, he has maxed Warrior and Strider as well, but most of his stats are from fighter-vocation. I will reconfigure the inclinations in a few days if people deem it worthy.
PSN: Jamiaro
DD: Da Pawn: Rurik, lvl 52 Strider. Inc: Challenger / Scather

User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#47
I had AbhorrentDeity's and Nico's I think.... but Daimon happened so they're now dead.

User Info: casker_

4 years ago#48
casker_ | guhguhbong | Astrid | 90~ | Ranger

first post here

Astrid is a challenger/mitigator ranger, I tried to set her up to just spam tenfold

let me know what you think!

looking forward to hiring from here next time I play
DD:DA pawn: Astrid, PSN: guhguhbong
Final Fantasy Type-0 english subbed videos:

User Info: Simynu

4 years ago#49
Simynu | jasohans | Aidan <50 | Currently Warrior (Switching to Sorc at 100)

Not expecting higher levels to go out of their way for my pawn as I just started the game (not that I would hate if they did), but there may be those out there who are looking for pawns a little closer to their level. No gifts of any kind needed or requested (though I wouldn't say no of course either!). I've been going out of my way to grab up any pawns lower level than myself I see requesting help as well so those of you in the same boat as me (low level) please post up and I'll definitely give your pawns some time.

Feel free to friend me on PSN if you want as well; I'm one of those "older" gamers so don't have a lot of RL friends who actually play consoles, let alone PS3.

User Info: Toddlarod

4 years ago#50
Hey everyone! Added all the new members to my list, gonna update it here, but first I have to clarify something.

Like in the pawn sharing club in the DD board, this isn't just to advertise your pawn once and never be involved again. It'd be nice to hire the other members, but at least comment what they gave you to make it more of a community rather than a sort of business.

I've noticed multiple players sharing what people gave them already. So thanks to you guys.

Here's our current list. As always, let me know if anything needs to be updated or is incorrect:

toddlarod | toddlarod | Vanessa | <150 | Ranger

Sinvalentines | sinvalentines | cally | <200 | Fighter/Warrior

Arc166 | Cat1992 | Sara | <150 | Warrior

Shortietheshort | UBERHAXED | Sandali | level>100 | Sorcerer

skatermoose_1 / muse0042 / Pawn: Artemis >100 / ranger

vedoris86 I vedoris I maica I 100> I sorc

AbhorrentDeity | HeimdallsWrath | Hyperion | 100> | Fighter

Crazyfuel | Layofautumn | Autumn | <100 | Warrior

Xunfetteredx | | Sakura | <50 | Ranger

Kitsunisan | Kitsunisan | Lynn | <50 | Ranger

Nephandu | c_h_oliver | Brazen | <100 | Ranger

MutteringBill | Kingdom-Dark | Koral | <50 | Fighter

level99 | Striderbadguy | Yurina Kumai | 200 | Fighter

Nicodimus | Nicodimus222 | Mina | <150 | Mage

lordoflions | LordofLions | Angela | >30 | Strider

Qc_stryder | Qc_stryder | Brea | > 100 | Ranger

Thelibra1012 | thelibra | TheAries | 100< | Mage

Ayindree | overlord_envy | Carmina | 200 | Sorcerer

Thanatos83 | Jamiaro | Rurik | <100 | Strider

frozentuna | elszsle | Gaz | <50 | Strider

Coolford98 | Coolford98 | Emilia | <100 | Mage

Gatterrimo | Gatterrimo | Lorelei | >50 | Fighter (still experimenting though, so I switch frequently)

xuchu | naresh_b5 | Sere | <100 | Sorcerer

AcheronAlmighty | TheFatMan101 | Artemis | >100 | Mage | Sorcerer

Shin_Ein | Shin_Ein | Amatiel | <100 | Sorc

casker_ | guhguhbong | Astrid | <100 | Ranger

Simynu | jasohans | Aidan | <50 | Currently Warrior
Currently playing: Dragon's Dogma, Skyrim. DD PAWN: Vanessa, level <150
PSN: toddlarod
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