The Official Pawn Trading Club of Dark Arisen

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User Info: Trikor

4 years ago#471
I just started playing this the other day, No one has hired my pawn, be it randoms or PSN friends. Most likely as i picked lightning skills instead of all round. But i would really like if someone can take mine for a bit so i see what it is all about.

Pawn: Aura Level 25-35 Mage
Im better than any competitor ready to sever the head of a meddler deadlier than ever this **** is inevitable
Black 2: 1163 8894 6055.

User Info: badlad1018

4 years ago#472
MortimerShadow posted...
Many thanks go for hires go to:

khiekasu - 108.5k RC and a L3 BBI Armor and Amber Dragon Scale
Tenrosu - 8.8k RC and a L3 BBI Weapon
sappybeast - 50k RC

After doing countless Ur-Dragon runs, Alexandra is now equipped with all Gold-Forged including Dominion Claw and Grave Armor Set. She's also L184 so you may have to friend me so you don't have to pay millions of RC for her service.

It's far too late right now so more hires tomorrow after I've gotten some sleep.

Sorry for the low RC. Truth be told, i am still using alexandra. Death took her quite early in my run so i sent a level 3 cursed weapon to make up for my inability to escape the room in time.

Lefunk, i plan on doing another run through with your pawn soon. I am working on new game plus atm.
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User Info: Toddlarod

4 years ago#473
Closing this thread up in a few minutes.
Here is the link to our new one! Read EVERYTHING! Lots of cool new stuff in there:
Currently playing: Dragon's Dogma, Skyrim. DD PAWN: Vanessa, level <150
PSN: toddlarod
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