So, about Daimon... (spoilers)

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User Info: Newly_Arisen

4 years ago#1
After beating Daimon's second form a few times, I got to thinking...: What the f*** is that?

I know it's supposed to be a dragon of sorts, but what I want to know are the specifics. Whose soul is within that dragon-daimon? Was it a newly formed soul created by his hatred and despair? Or is it Grette, who was a dragon at the time of his transformation?

User Info: Newly_Arisen

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Tyrant737

4 years ago#3
There are alot of interesting theories about that.
One of which is that people think that the dragon face is grette
Others think that it is ashes inner dragon
Or maybe the creators of the game wanted to mess with us. Just like dark souls and the pendant
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User Info: FruitOfTheDoom

4 years ago#4
There's no official explanation so we are left to come up with our own theories.

It could be the Ur Dragon, and a sign that he is going to be playing a bigger role in the sequel.

Personally, I think that while Arisen defeated by the Seneschal are turned into dragons and they retain some scant level of awareness like Grette, Grigori is an entity of some sort that controls their actions and personifies the dragon. Based on the words of Daimon's second form, he no longer wants to continue the "eternal ring" and is conspiring to end it.

But in all likelihood, the sequel probably won't even mention BBI. I'm guessing it's just going to be treated as a self-contained sidequest that has no impact on the story.
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User Info: fallenangel2100

4 years ago#5
My theory is that its a personified manifestation of the arisens fear hence why their chest glows when the head awakes somehow the daimon is directly linked to them

The dragon seems different according to the memories and recollections it seems the dragon does have a semblance of control from its original human form and seems to pick arisens that were once personally close to their human self so the dragon always finds a human who couldave been family,friend, or lover

By this logic I then start to think....who was the dragon for our arisen could it have been their father? Since DA confirms the dragons voice can be female if the arisen was a girl when senechal beat as them

User Info: NineteenthCross

4 years ago#6
Tyrant737 posted...

Or maybe the creators of the game wanted to mess with us. Just like dark souls and the pendant

How is that messing with people?

It did absolutely nothing. Smart players figured that out within the first 2 days of the game.
They give you a choice of 8 items, 7 of which can be found in game as regular items.
Please note: When I played Dark Souls, this was at launch. The master key was not available anywhere but as a gift or as a thief.

There's things called red herrings. Most games don't bother with them anymore. They say it's important. They remind you it's important. Then when everything is said and done, it's a paperweight.
In my opinion though it was just another remnant of the bad translation the game had at launch.

Anyway back on Dragon's Dogma.

Look carefully at Daimon's Second Form when he dies.
You'll notice that the body is consumed into the Rift ala Pawn.

This could be a diversion OR it could imply there's someone being left out of the loop which is what keeps the whole thing going , as pawns are immortal, with or without an arisen.

Being connected to the rift could imply an infinite number of Daimon's inner pawns running about waiting to be resurrected.

But this is just speculation. There's no solid evidence either for it or against it.
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