Hire my pawn/Sorc Pawn advice topic.

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User Info: Nanaya27

4 years ago#1
Hi. I have a Sorc Pawn, level 140-something, and while she's been getting a few hires I'd like some more RC and advice. I'd be happy to hire your pawn for my Daimon farming runs in return, as long as they aren't too high a level (don't want to kill my experience).

PSN: Endless__Nine <-two underscores
Pawn: Ciel

She leveled 1-10 as a Mage and the rest as a Sorc, and sports Adept Robes (the ones that constantly heal those nearby) and a Gold DF'd Sanguine Stalk. Magic is in the neighborhood of 2900 right now.

Her inclinations are Scather/Utilitarian, which I gather are decent for a Sorc. Are there any more optimal combinations?

Her skills are:

High Miasma
Ice Pact (at least I think, either that or Thunder Pact)
High Voidspell

High Gicel
High Bolide
High Fulmination

I play a Sorc myself, so until recently I had her using all the big spells to sync with me, but now I'm trying to market her to a wider audience. Is this setup good for BBI? Is Voidspell needed? Should I ditch the boon? I was wondering whether High Comestian is better than Bolide, but spamming Bolide together is my favorite tactic with her. I find Miasma highly effective against Death, but I barely ever see her use it against anything else and half the time she eats the scythe anyway; should I replace it with something else?

Her Augments are all Sorc ones, as I haven't leveled any other vocations for her yet. She's got Articulacy, Acuity, Emphasis, and the like. I also think I may have Tenacity on her, but I can't be sure. I will eventually level up mage to get her the other magic boosting augment and maybe perpetuation, but are there any others I should look into? Besides Sinew of course.

Thanks in advance. Incidentally, I'm at work right now, so I won't be able to make any changes or respond to any friend requests until later this afternoon.

User Info: kriirk

4 years ago#2
Looks decent to me but Im no expert.

If you dont find a ton of people looking for sorcerer, you could do like me, training pawn in a second (popular) job between level-ups, and leaving her in that job at end of game sessions. (Sorcerers make such great bow users, now that bows deal magic damage.)

Personally Im hiring only Striders with the skill Downpour, so let me know if you would consider this route. (Im lvl 140ish too)

User Info: Phil_Resch

4 years ago#3
Inclinations are okay. Most, for sorcerer, prefer scather/challenger, but I think that scather sorcerers tend to rush a bit too much to the frontlines. With my sorcerer pawn I tried challenger/mitigator, but he keeps reverting to scather anyway (perhaps because pawns tend to imitate the arisen's behaviour, and I rush into battles).

For BBI, with my sorcerer pawn I prefer to use lower tier spells, because they charge a lot faster. BBI is full of narrow corridors, and sorcerers often do not get the chance to stand aside and cast.

My setup is: High Ingle, High Frigor, High Levin, High Miasma, High Bolide, High Voidspell.

I don't use elemental affinities on my sorcerer, I hire mages for that, and I feel affinities are wasted slots on sorcerers, seeing as they're primarily used for their heavy artillery.

High Voidspell is very useful in BBI, keep it. There are a few monsters that inflict status alterations that High Voidspell cures. High Miasma is another must for sorcerers: casts fast, inflicts poison and deals good damage too. I'm not a fan of Comestion, while I like Bolide a lot, so I'd say keep that too. Some might prefer Maelstrom, but I feel Bolide to be more reliable (and faster to cast too).

As for augments, there are two that are very useful for sorcerers: warrior's Bastion and mage's Inflection. Bastion raises physical defense, thus it's ideal for pure magic builds like yours (and mine); it's also rank 1, so you can just switch to warrior, grab the augment and switch back to sorcerer. Inflection halves damage received when casting spells, and it's mage rank 7.

Also, since you're a pure magic build, your physical defense is surely lacking: in BBI it's best to privilege gear that has good defense stats. For sorcerers, there are a couple of sets that serves the purpose and some various pieces too. The Abyssinal Set offers outstanding physical defense (especially when upgraded to gold), and can be used by all vocations. Carrion Set is the highest tier gear for sorcerers and mages, and offers overall even better physical defense than Abyssinal Set. If you still haven't access to these two sets, the Adept's Robe will serve you adequately (but Votary's Robe is a little better), and after you defeat Daimon once, Barroch starts selling Dragonwing Gloves and Dragonwing Boots, which have good defense ratings. You might also equip rings or earrings that boost defense, if you have any.

Lastly, if you have a Wyrmking's Ring, slap it on you sorcerer, it reduces casting times even more. Paired with the Articulacy augment it makes sorcerers quite a bit more effective.

User Info: Phil_Resch

4 years ago#4
Phil_Resch posted...
Inflection halves damage received when casting spells, and it's mage rank 7.

Correction: it's mage rank 9.

User Info: Nanaya27

4 years ago#5
Thanks for the advice.

I have only one Wymrking Ring right now, waiting til I hit 200 and have all the BBI gear I want to do a new game plus. I'd rather use it myself than put it on my pawn, but if I do give it to my pawn will that carry over to rentals?

As for the Carrion set, I have various pieces of it. I do have a couple Carrion Mantles with health regen on it (not the slight version, either), but I thought that perhaps the Adept Robes would attract more rentals with their party-healing affect. I also have the boots, though unfortunately they have no affect. Still trying for the hands and head slots though.

Now that I think of it, I barely ever mirror Gicel with her and when I do a single Gicel would probably suffice. I think I'll take that out for Frigor. Still hesitant about replacing Fulmination though. It hasn't been a big thing on this file since I run it myself, but I know from my Assassin how amazing it can be.

User Info: Phil_Resch

4 years ago#6
Wyrmking's Ring doesn't carry to rentals, unfortunately.

Fulmination is a very good skill. I prefer Levin only because it's faster to cast, and my pawn sometimes is smart enough to cast it and free me when some monsters manages to grab me.

Perhaps the Adept's Robe, with its party-healing effect, could attract more rentals, yes. Today I was lucky enough to get a Carrion chestpiece with the same party-healing effect, so I've got that covered :D

It's only that, since I have started BBI, the squishyness of pure magic builds has become more evident, so I do all I can to mitigate the problem.

User Info: Caledh

4 years ago#7
I'd highly advice swapping Scather for Challenger as it sets her up to position herself outside of melee range whereas scathers usually hang around rather close to enemies.

Challenger will also eliminate any attempt at climbing bosses which Scather sorcerers sometimes do.

Personally I put Utilitarian first to ensure mirroring spells is my pawn's first concern which is often something people hire her for. But the other way around is overall just as good.

Buffs or no really depends. If someone also brings a mage they will usually want a sorc without buffs and vice versa.
People seem to love Voidspell and while I never take it myself I always switch it in before uploading.

I'm absolutely no fan of frigor as its grand version is almost as slow as grand gicel but does significantly less damage. It also fails to hit dire drakes high up in the air.

And keep Fulmination which might be about the most effective spell against so many things on BBI.

As for the robe...my rentals haven't gotten any less frequent since I replaced the Adept Robe for a Carrion.
"What a disappointment - I was hoping for the 'Rains of Castamere'."

User Info: Phil_Resch

4 years ago#8
Interesting suggestions, Caledh. I'll swap Frigor and Levin for Gicel and Fulmination and see how my sorcerer performs in BBI.

User Info: Valark

4 years ago#9
Phil_Resch posted...
Interesting suggestions, Caledh. I'll swap Frigor and Levin for Gicel and Fulmination and see how my sorcerer performs in BBI.

I can concur about the High Fulmination. Its a great spell in BBI.

User Info: Caledh

4 years ago#10
Let me know how it works. You might end up wanting back Levin though. I always take both Fulmination and Levin. They're both so good.

As good as Voidspell is in theory, how many debilitations can actually affect you at this point? BBI gear gives immunity against almost anything and the panaceas you pick up on your way should suffice for anything that's left.

If you absolutely want to take Voidspell you might want to consider taking Levin instead of Ingle. You still have Bolide for Wyrms and Cursed Dragons and almost anything else is more likely to be weak against lightning than fire.

Do always upload with Voidspell equipped though. The usually underrated Miasma is a good thing to swap it with for that purpose.
"What a disappointment - I was hoping for the 'Rains of Castamere'."
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