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User Info: CammyStrike

4 years ago#21
See sig. Feel free to add.
PSN: NarutoRevolution ~ Pawn: Carmina - Lvl 200 - Fighter
PSN: Cammy-Spike ~ Pawn: Milli-Anna - Lvl 41 - Warrior (Till lvl 55)

User Info: gilgameshorzz

4 years ago#22
PSN: Rakija-1
Pawn: War

Warrior/Fighter at about lvl 45
"When they put unknown at the end of a quote, that means they probably don't know how to spell anonymous" -unknown

User Info: ETS93

4 years ago#23
Psn: StreetLyfeNiinja

User Info: kitsinisan

4 years ago#24
I'll throw my girl in here too, she's around level 39. Send a friend request if you need to.
PSN-kitsunisan | Pawn-Lynn | level 39 Ranger

User Info: Ni_No_Broni

4 years ago#25
Cool, I'll add you guys when I get a chance.

User Info: Simynu

4 years ago#26
Pawn club thread hires are picking up so might want to add yourselves there too if youre not. Feel free to add me as well.
PSN: jasohans
Pawn: Aidan. 38ish ranger. Will be a ranger until 50 then prob on to strider.

I have my lvling figured out to 200 and will be changing vocations like crazy until 100s or so so am always in the need for different types of pawns. Will look you all up for when the needs arise.
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