BBI - what am I fighting? (spoilers)

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User Info: Elfergos

4 years ago#1
I am taking a while to acclimatise to the DD expansion, continuing on from my hard run of the vanilla game I hopped straight in to BBI. So far I have been annihilated several times by some kind of giant worg that decided to attack me while I was fighting a cockatrice and some goblins, I have had death ohko me, I have had a giant ogre swat me several times and now I am getting completely owned by some kind of undead drake. I started off with an absoltely awful MA build using a character almost entirely leveled down the strength route and have decided to switch over to ranger for the power.

I a struggling to combat the drakes breath move once it gets down to a couple of bars it rears up and seems to be unavoidable.

User Info: mr_guy

4 years ago#2
I would recommend you farm Bitter Black Gear for a chance at the Magick Archer ring which boosts Sixfold Arrow into Ninefold Arrow. It's an ice element skill that absolutely wrecks Drakes (even Dire Drakes).

For the Garms (the big wolves), I find that Ricochet Hunter in tight quarters works wonders. They're weak to lightning. Same with the large ogres and gore cyclopes.

*edit* Oh I see you switched to Ranger. Just Tenfold Flurry spam.
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  3. BBI - what am I fighting? (spoilers)

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