Hire my pawn :(

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User Info: ggmboyz

4 years ago#1
I really need RC for purifying some stuff :(

She's a ranger using Revenant Wail and Chilling Razors (Dont have good dagger)

Level 131
Pawn : Artesia
PSN : mr_tuts

Hope you hire my girl -_-

User Info: EciDemon

4 years ago#2
we can do a pawn swap if you're interested, i really need RC too, also a ranger pawn who is very effective at slowing down enemies.

psn: ecidemon pawn: Alisia
| Gigabyte GTX 680 Winforce 3 OC | i7 2600K @4.6Ghz |
| Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3 | 8GB DDR3 1600 | X-Fi Titanium champion |

User Info: cr0w

4 years ago#3
Add me on PSN. Krayven1980. My pawn is like 110 right now, named Amber. She's a support Mage. I'll accept your request when I get home from work and take her on some runs.

User Info: Clouderess

4 years ago#4
add me bro :)
PSN: Clouderess Pawn Name: Cloudery

User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
4 years ago#5
i might give her a throw as well.
We each play out the parts Fate has written for us. Free will is an Illusion. - Kain
I Pray to no One! Nor will I be prayed to! - Asura

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