The Official Pawn Trading Club of Dark Arisen #3

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User Info: Toddlarod

4 years ago#1

Hello! Welcome to The Official Pawn Trading Club of Dark Arisen!
PLEASE read all of this so you know everything that can be done and everything we are doing in the club.

This is a club meant to benefit everyone. It is meant to work as a community. Therefore, you cannot only advertise your pawn and never be heard from again.

If you join, you must be an active member. If you aren't, you may be considered to be not playing anymore and will be removed from the list. Don't just advertise yourself. You can talk about the pawns you have with you, about who gave you what(very helpful so they can get points on the Rewards Program), or really anything pertaining to the game or the club, just don't advertise yourself once and disappear.

This club works both ways. "You hire us, we hire you." Keep in mind that hiring pawns of other members and them reporting it to the club is a great way to get noticed and be more likely to get hired. Another great way to do this is to be active within our community.


Gfaqs name | PSN | Pawn Name | Level* | Vocation

Toddlarod | toddlarod | Vanessa | <150 | Ranger

* not specific. Examples: >100, >50, >150, 200

Bolded: see #6



The best pawn that I(toddlarod) used in the previous week. I will take the featured pawn along with me for the entire week and will personally endorse the pawn to the entire club.

In my notes, I will keep track of how many hires are reported for each member. When a member reaches a certain amount of hires, I will contact them, allowing them a reward.

The list of rewards are as follows:

5 hires - Portcrystal + Wakestone OR one level 1 Cursed item of choice.
10 hires - Two level 2 Cursed items of choice.
15 hires - One level 3 Cursed item of choice.
20 hires - Two level 3 Cursed items of choice.

After you purchase something with your hires, they will be reset to 0. The process is repeated as long as the member is in the Club.

NOTE: You must give the pawn at least a certain amount of RC for each level of hires to get another hire counted in the Rewards Program.

1-5 hires - 5,000 RC
6-10 hires - 10,000 RC
11-15 hires - 15,000 RC
16+ hires - 20,000 RC

Also - you can have up to 100 hires counted. At that point, you must spend them or they will be reset to 0. You have the opportunity at any time you have enough hires to spend them - simply let me know.

Here is our spreadsheet which keeps track of how many hires each person has. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF HIRE REPORTS YOU HAVE RECEIVED:


I, toddlarod, will be offering an RC service. Through this, I will trade you a leveled amount of RC for specific items.
Cursed items by level. 1, 2, 3
Novelty : 10k, 30k, 50k
Gear:40k, 70k, 100k
Weapon: 50k, 80k, 110k
Armor: 70k, 100k, 130k
•Only one of each level at a time.
For example: you can not trade me Level 3 Gear, Weapons and Armor, but you can send a single level 1, 2 and 3 or any individual and I will pay you accordingly.

Here is the spreadsheet that holds all of the prices and anybody I owe RC to:

Currently playing: Dragon's Dogma, Skyrim. DD PAWN: Vanessa, level <150
PSN: toddlarod

User Info: Toddlarod

4 years ago#2

All-Star Pawns will be placed on a separate list above the regular list. These are pawns that have earned their way onto the list by any of the following:

•Being active
•Being generous
•Being helpful
•Hiring a lot of pawns
•Taking part in Club activities

A single pawn will be added to the All-Star list per week in a DIFFERENT way. I will make a poll each week with random pawns from the club and whoever gets the most votes will have a permanent spot on the list.

All-Star Pawns:

Toddlarod | toddlarod | Vanessa | <150 | Ranger

Sinvalentines | sinvalentines | cally | 200 | Fighter/Warrior

Silbe | mezzokakerlake/mezzokakerlake2 | Petz/Heiji | <200/<50 | Fighter/Ranger

MortimerShadow | MortifiedShadow | Alexandra | <150 | Mage

Crazyfuel | LayoftheAutumn | Autumn | <150 | Ranger

AbhorrentDeity | HeimdallsWrath | Hyperion | >100 | Fighter

Mark_Fury | Mark_Fury_ | Panthro | <150 | Mage

Nicodimus | Nicodimus222 | Mina | <150 | Mage

Lefunk11 | Lefunk11 | Ashleigh | <200 | Strider/Fighter

Deepgain | Westgate24 | Madeleine | 200 | Mage

Draco2139 | draco2139 | Merlin | <150 | Sorcerer


This is our spreadsheet in which all of the pawns are to be placed. I ask that you please add yourself in and update yourself whenever it is necessary as I will be extremely busy with the rest of the parts of this club.

As stated before, when entering your information on the spreadsheet, place it like this.

Gfaqs name | PSN | Pawn Name | Pawn Level | Vocation

I ask that you PLEASE update yourself to the spreadsheet and when your info changes that you update it so people looking for something specific find it easily.
Currently playing: Dragon's Dogma, Skyrim. DD PAWN: Vanessa, level <150
PSN: toddlarod

User Info: Yamijii

4 years ago#3
Let us see if this one fills out in less then two days lol
PSN: Gigetsu. Destiny Lvl 200 Fighter Ult/Scath
2nd PSN: Sovereign-Erebus. Leila Lvl 76 Sorcerer Ult/ Challenger

User Info: Lefunk11

4 years ago#4
Yamijii posted...
Let us see if this one fills out in less then two days lol

I think we can. Btw when I hire you today ill send you some lvl 2 weapons, so you have a shot at the Sapfire daggers. Won't be for about 10-11 hours though.
PSN: Lefunk11
Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Ashleigh lvl 155+

User Info: Toddlarod

4 years ago#5
Yamijii posted...
Let us see if this one fills out in less then two days lol

I sorta hope not. It moves so freaking fast! But it might, and the next threads will too because there will be more of us as time goes on.
Currently playing: Dragon's Dogma, Skyrim. DD PAWN: Vanessa, level <150
PSN: toddlarod

User Info: jefersonlucas

4 years ago#6
Well, seems to be too hard find some one lvl 200 that I decide here only pawns with this lvl. Many people that I hired don't post here, so I will post here who I get from now.

I will farm Daimon and hired @JagggerBomb and @Douji2
PSN: JL_Hurricane
Pawn: Eleazar

User Info: Pride_Fighting

4 years ago#7
Added myself to the spread sheet.

Also, hired Todd's pawn last night and making a Daimon run (Second form) tonight. Released monster's pawn but am going to rehire her today, she has been incredibly helpful.

A big thanks to monster for all of the armor, gear and Dwells, much appreciated!
Obituary S along with Onslaught Hammer pwn Monster Hunter.

User Info: thanatos83

4 years ago#8
If anyone is using Rurik right now, I have updated his attire couple of hours ago, with Abyssinal Set and Dragonblood-ring.
PSN: Jamiaro
DD: Da Pawn: Rurik, lvl 64 Strider. Inc: Utilitarian/Scather/Challenger

User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#9
From: jefersonlucas | #006
Many people that I hired don't post here

Yah, this is a really, really annoying issue.

Even Lord who I had with me for like 3 days and posted ''thanks for taking my pawn'' hasn't actually said how much RC he got or anything. Neither did any of the others I've hired recently. Same goes for most people, who'll post who they got with them, but pretty much never hear from that person.

A shame, but I don't think there's anything that can be done about it, so meh.

User Info: DrReck

4 years ago#10
Just got back from work, turn my ps3 on, take rest at inn and, thanks alot Gigetsu, gave me 254,878 RC, a lvl 3 armor, and 5* ratings, will return the favor after releasing lefunk11 and kalabao_01 pawns

Gigetsu, will you prefer armor, gear or weapon level 3 as gifts? :)
PSN : reckonerrr --- Pawn : Heracles/Hera -- 191 Fighter (Scather / Challenger)
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