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User Info: TheGreatSu_Nan

4 years ago#1
I am running low on rift crystals and have little to no bbi gear. Can a bunch of you guys rent out my pawn so I can get some more crystals?

PSN: gjd8000
Pawn: Karyn

She is a level 130 something mage. Thanks in advance.

User Info: TheGreatSu_Nan

4 years ago#2

Now I got much more BBI gear and am completely out of rift crystals. Can someone please hire my pawn. Also where is the best place to farm for rift crystals? My pawn is now lvl 147.

User Info: neoneiceeShot

4 years ago#3
BBI is the best place to farm rift crystals.
PSN: Scrider- Pawn: Erica, lvl 200, Fighter, Gold DF,
PSN: Tsukouyomi Pawn:Meiru lvl 200 Ranger(broke on RC)

User Info: TheGreatSu_Nan

4 years ago#4
Where in BBI?

User Info: Moondoggy905

4 years ago#5
most big enemies drop rift bi-crystals (2000) and rift polycrystals (5000), you can also find these in chests.
"The king exists for his people. Without his people, there is no king." - Ling Yao
PSN ID: MoonDoggy905

User Info: zito331

4 years ago#6
TheGreatSu_Nan posted...
Where in BBI?

Everywhere lol

User Info: TheGreatSu_Nan

4 years ago#7
What I meant was are there any locations where big monsters spawn that drop large rift crystals. Also are there any locations for treasure chests that have large rift crystals that can be farmed for maximum output.

User Info: laughingman1800

4 years ago#8
Midnight Helix has either a frostwyrm or a gorecyclops, if you get the frostwyrm beat it then clear the area and lay down some rancid bait and a cursed dragon will come and they give a descent amount of RC. If you kill the gorecyclops and do the same it will spawn death who is a bit harder, there are also two tier 3 chests one past the bridge on the first floor where there are a pile of bodies, and a second chest a the top where you get the void key.
Both of those chests spawn rift crystals, perfect RC, Bycrystals, and a rare chance of BBI lv3 armor. Just use the godsbane trick to get what you want!!! =)

Note: This is on the second playthrough of BBI when of course when you fight Daimon and he has his second form. Hopefully this helps

User Info: TheGreatSu_Nan

4 years ago#9
I've already taken full advantage of the lvl3 armor chests. What I was thinking was finding all the locations that have those silver and gold knights and farming them because I know they drop insane amounts of crystals.

User Info: rinagaret

4 years ago#10
I'll give you a rent when I get home from work. I'm going to do runs for BBI materials, forging stuff at the back cat is getting really tedious, so that should earn you some decent RC on return.

Return hires would be nice, but not required--I'm running low on RC myself.. I'm lv200 so you'd probably want to send a friend request so it won't cost absurd RC.

The Rotwood depository and forgotten hall often have gold/silver knights in rooms right near the entrance, so you can try there if you're looking for those particular enemies.

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