Will now hire pawns if anyone needs rift crystals.

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  3. Will now hire pawns if anyone needs rift crystals.

User Info: nornefan

4 years ago#61
PSN: Medievaldweller pawns name is Terri/Terry.

She's a Fighter.

Tired of seeing the same pawns walking around my game. Will definitely return the favor,thanks.

User Info: DarkianMoon

4 years ago#62
PSN: Eosuous
Pawn: Orfeo

I'll appreciate any hires, especially if your Pawn can teach mine how to be a better Sorcerer. :)
PSN: Xeyska
Alt PSN: Eosuous

User Info: kroe18

4 years ago#63


Rift Crystals!!!!

User Info: METALJAH57

4 years ago#64
My pawn is a tempestuous redhead mage named Flamehair. :) she has goodgear and spells for her level - someone gifted me armor for her tempered with wyrmfire! she has 3 fire and 3 holy spells equipped. She has MAX Mage rank and all skills earned available.



METALJAH57 | m_e_t_a_l-JAH-57 | Flamehair | lvl 32 | Mage

User Info: RPG_fan535

4 years ago#65
Yes please !! My psn is RPG_fan535 and would appreciate it if you would. My main pawn is a female sorcerer ((possibly mage depending on healing purposes). Thanks.
Playing - Dungeon hunter alliance, Soul sacrifice, Disgaea 3 AOD, Heavy rain, Warriors orochi 3, Dragons dogma DA.

User Info: Nexus0620

4 years ago#66
The newest member to my pawn family needs a little love!! If you could hire Blair I would appreciate it :)
PSN: Teshi0620 | Kasima | Lvl 200 Ranger
PSN: Nexus0620 | Skylar | PSN: MsNexus | Blair | Lvl 200 F/S

User Info: gic5008

4 years ago#67
Yes please, don't even have enough rift to purify my cursed gear. Only been hired once :(

Psn mors_certa11
Pawn gore
Vocation fighter lvl 61 I think

User Info: redness19

4 years ago#68
Yo, I need to pimp mu pawn big time.

Level 120 Mage - psn RedVanDam

I'll use anyone's pawns that hire mine, lets scratch each others backs and profit!

User Info: Wandawaisu

4 years ago#69
Misa Misa please.

PSN ID: Wandawaisu
Pawn: Misa Misa - Level 149, Ranger.

User Info: FlyingSheepy

4 years ago#70

psn: SheepyOo22

hes a strider and he looks like solid snake :> atleast his face (well i took of his eyepatch so no he looks way less like snake but i might put it on again :D)
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  3. Will now hire pawns if anyone needs rift crystals.

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