How to kill death?

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User Info: Sarus9690

4 years ago#1
I kill Daimond with no problem....Death on the other hand kick my a** hard and I can't even damage him enough 1 bar before he kill me AND all the pawns I have

This guy is a real boss for me ;___;
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User Info: _Killzor_

4 years ago#2
A ton of Blast Arrows. They stagger him and do decent damage. Death always leaves after taking about 1 bar of damage so unless you stagger him enough for him to fall out of the air he will have the chance to leave and the fight will take multiple more encounters.

Also try to have sleep resistance for you and your pawns so they will survive longer, dodging his attacks are easy if you just run away.

User Info: Tacanacy

4 years ago#3
Sarus9690 posted...
I kill Daimond with no problem....Death on the other hand kick my a** hard and I can't even damage him enough 1 bar before he kill me AND all the pawns I have

This guy is a real boss for me ;___;

Use Ricochet Hunter (Magic Archer) in narrow rooms and lure him into one if he doesn't exactly spawn in there. Nevermind your Pawns. Fire off as fast as you can so Death becomes over-bombarded and falls to the ground (since you want all possible windows to not fear of getting one-hit).
I've heard blast arrows shall be effective.
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User Info: HyrulianJedi

4 years ago#4
If you're actually getting killed by Death, I'm really not sure what to tell you, other than get 100% Sleep resist. Unless he puts you to sleep, it's painfully easy to not get killed by him.
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User Info: tony_masa

4 years ago#5
I used a MA my first time killing him with the skills explosive rivet and ricochet hunter. i had hired me a ranger and a fighter at the time my main pawn was a strider. i would plant as many explosive rivets in him and have my archers shoot him, had to sacrifice the fighter as a distraction while i jumped and detonated the rivets. a lot of ppl use blast arrows but that strategy has not worked for me yet, the 2nd and 3rd time however i used a ranger and just tenfold flurry the hell out of him wit some conquerors periapts. same pawns but ditched the fighter for another strider.

User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#6
As a sorcerer, I pop 4 demon's periapts, cast Holy Pact on myself, and then use focused bolt. Takes him down without much trouble.

The most annoying thing about Death is that he runs away.
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User Info: blazing-_-angel

4 years ago#7
The cheapest way to kill him is 'great sacrifice', since he's such a hotshot to kill pawns, why not use pawns to against him ;)
Pawn: Freya (Sorcerer, Lv.100)

User Info: Megiddo_Flare

4 years ago#8
Blast Arrows with Conqueror's Periapts is the most effective way in man-handling Death so that he doesn't run away.

User Info: MA39

4 years ago#9
Magic Archer, and equip "pre-emptive" augment for extra damage on unaware enemies.

Use "Great Sacrifice" from a distance and do NOT let him see you or agro you. (agro is when the battle music starts)

1 Great Sacrifice shot on Death while he is unsuspecting of you, will literally take 3/4 of his bar AND knock him right down to the ground.

Immediately charge a second Great Sacrifice and hit him again while he is still unsuspecting of you and hasnt seen you yet. Slap him with your second shot to take another 3/4 Health easy.

1 Heart and half a bar gone off Death with 2 shots easy.

After Losing a lot of Health. Death will run and disappear. in other words. after 2 Great Sacrifice shots while he is unaware, he will run.

THIS is my Death Run. in Dark Arisen, Death fears ME ! (pun pun)
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User Info: the void

the void
4 years ago#10
Damage boosting stuff aside, just use ranged attacks and watch him carefully.

When he starts to raise his lantern and it glows blue, he is about to use his sleep attack. step back a short distance and keep attacking.

When his lantern floats up and turns yellow, he is about to drift forward and swing his scythe. Run away, and as soon as his scythe passes turn around and resume attacking.This doesn't leave as long of an opening as his sleep attack.

He usually alternates sleep->scythe->sleep->scythe. If you knock him down, he starts the cycle again with sleep. If you deal 1 full health bar, he retreats. The damage you dealt will persist between multiple encounters.

I wouldn't worry too much about him killing pawns. If you keep your distance the pawns will usually follow and live. If not, just re-hire them, no big deal.
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