new guy! got a question

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User Info: AshtonRPG7

4 years ago#1
im using a strider, im level 15 and using pawns lvl 15, my current main is a mage with all boons and the healing spells, butttt, i have a question

if i make my pawn a strider and equip only a bow, will she just use bow attacks, also, is AI strider with bow only any good? as long as she keeps firing at full speed with computer controlled aim i can be happy

User Info: Clouderess

4 years ago#2
I've heard people saying that their strider/ranger pawn climb on monsters and punch them in the face with no dagger equipped. :) sounds epic...
PSN: Clouderess Pawn Name: Yiru

User Info: Killkernal

4 years ago#3
Typically, the Utilitarian inclination will ensure that your Strider/Ranger pawns will use their bows most often. I would never take away his/her daggers however. When you get rushed by quicker enemies, there will be little time for your pawn to knock their next arrow. Besides, Striders excel at climbing on large beasts and ripping them to shreds with Scarlet/Hundred Kisses, or thinning out groups with Implicate.
PSN: killkernal
Pawn: Lynn (Level <180 Strider)

User Info: AshtonRPG7

4 years ago#4
ah i see, seems that at high level any main pawn class is useful for others to pick, id like to give mine a good class that could help most

right now its a mage with 5 boons and heal
but im going to restart the game and go slower now doing quests and stuff

maybe i go assasin or mystic knight and main pawn as strider or sorcerer, im going to leave the healing for rented pawns or maybe full out with curatives, i HATE how healing can only heal some HP and not your max, sometimes, im not sure how that works, but i hate when it happens, and can only fix it with curatives
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  3. new guy! got a question

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