How many DD Files (Characters) Do You Have?

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User Info: Killkernal

4 years ago#1
I just (finally) made a second user so I can explore different builds for my arisen. I'm seriously considering making one more just for the heck of it. My original character is level 180+ and about 60/40 favoring magic. She's been a Magic Archer for at least 50 levels. My new fellow is level 15 and just switched from a Fighter to an Assassin. I'm planning to pick up some Ranger stamina, as well as some magic defense, but then focusing mostly on playing a Warrior (because it's fun, at least until monsters fly high in the air). Now I'm contemplating starting just one more to focus almost exclusively on magic.

Am I a little too obsessed? This game may go on forever.
PSN: killkernal
Pawn: Lynn (Level <180 Strider)

User Info: Sera67

4 years ago#2
9 In all, 7 of those have PSN's..

Granted thou.

1 is my English Main Psn
1 is my Capcom Psn,
1 s my Japanese Main PSN
1 for PSN Euro.
SO I had those accounts all set up for purposes,

So only 3 PSN are fake emails made for soul purpose of DD... XD
Mmmm Choco Cookies
Capcom Moderator: Yuffie

User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#3
2 accounts here.

Account 1: 200 Assassin/200 mage pawn
Account 2: 138 Sorcerer/138 sorcerer pawn

If I ever make a third account, it will be Mystic Knight/Ranger pawn, but I'm a little burned out at the moment and may take a break from the game once I max out my second account.
PSN 1: Nicodimus222, Dragon's Dogma DA pawn: Mina (L200 mage)
PSN 2: Nicodimus, Dragon's Dogma DA pawn: Tyrion (L138 sorcerer)

User Info: Killkernal

4 years ago#4
I'm feeling a little better already. Out of curiosity, do any of you still complete a ton of quests on secondary files? I know they have a good amount of XP early on, but there are some hoops I just don't feel like jumping through yet again (Wyrm Hunt, Symone, etc.).
PSN: killkernal
Pawn: Lynn (Level <180 Strider)

User Info: Sera67

4 years ago#5
I play to play.
So I often do everything.

Inless i'm rushing a low level to NG+ with couple lv200 pawns. I make sure grab gold idol and few others,
All depends on my mood.

My 2 offline characters, pretty much solo. I restart them constantly. Often don't care what gets done.
Mmmm Choco Cookies
Capcom Moderator: Yuffie

User Info: TSotP

4 years ago#6
I have 6 in total.

The 4 in my signature
Plus 2 for messing around on (I frequently restart them)
PSN's: TSotP [Hawke - lv130+ Fit] / QuaziBeattie [Leliana - lv31 Ran] / ShadowOTPhoenix [Morrigan - lv58 Sor] / Shadow_Phoenix83 [Flemeth - lv44 Sor]

User Info: sion013

4 years ago#7
only have one. this is my 2nd arisen. my 1st was lost when my hdd crashed.
PSN : chaossion
Pawn : Alicia - Sorcerer

User Info: joelaxle

4 years ago#8
4. Was planning on making 6, one for each pawn vocation.
PSN: joelaxle (Pawn: Fallon)
PSN: jenniferlou (Dahlia) PSN: Ur-Chimera (Jadis)

User Info: Hazelhart

4 years ago#9
I have three accounts. First of course is what used to be my main account from when I played original DD (level 185), but when I started to play DA, I had a hard time finding proper Pawns, so I decided to create a second one (level 144) and later on I started to play on my main again. When I did, I couldn't remember much about it, so I didn't have relationship to my main account anymore and it was the same case with my second account since there had been too much of going back and forth.
Now, I've created an third account where I'm focused on stats and playing thoroughly.
PSN: Hazelhart
Pawn: Valerian | Strider | Lvl.120 | Challenger & Scather | 5 stars Rating

User Info: GreatKazooMan

4 years ago#10
Eleven of them.

6 are level 200, and three of them play Dark Arisen.

The other five are getting closer to level 200, but it'll take some time yet. And these are still staying on the vanilla DD, to take advantage of the x5 EXP bonus on the Bezel Crown which was dumbed down in the DA game. It's incredibly lonely on the vanilla game due to the servers only giving me on-disc pawns showing up around the game world, but I keep the unimportant accounts on the vanilla game to make the rift better when I visit it. :P

And yes, I know eleven accounts may seem like overkill, but I have them now and it seems a travesty to kill off all that effort and good-looking characters for nothing! ^_~ got a little out of hand when creating so many... @_@
Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Tohsaka Rin, Level 100+ (PSN: Souji_Monaru)
Dark Arisen Pawn: Shenhua, Level 200 (PSN: kiseki_2002)
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