The Official Pawn Trading Club of Dark Arisen #11

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(message deleted)

User Info: RedMageStarfire

4 years ago#492
jc720 posted...
Just released That1GamerDude7B's Candy and solstarfire's Gawain. Both very helpful!

Thank you for the 18k RC and the Veteran's Periapt!

User Info: Anirvaer

4 years ago#493
Hello, new here
hiring Funky_Bubbles pawn Amita to take on some BBI runs
"Life ain't easy, so grab a controller and have some fun."

User Info: Bullzinhu

4 years ago#494
Thanks to:

CortezMoctezuma - 725,944 RC and BB Gear Lv3
RagingBuddha - 0 RC and Rock LMAO maybe something went wrong here

Hiring Natalia and Cortez :)
PSN: Bullzinhu
DD:DA Pawn: Annabel | Level: 200 | Ranger

User Info: prinnyxx

4 years ago#495
sorry guys, got ban again...
it was the servers fault.
It is better to conquer yourself then to win a thousand battles.Then the victory is yours,it can not be taken from you,not by angels or by demons,heaven or hell

User Info: imthesledge

4 years ago#496
I just posted in the 12th thread. Anyone that would like to add my pawn just go ahead and add me on psn, my name is in my sig. THANKS!
PSN: evanthepanther

User Info: Silverfang37

4 years ago#497
Kidwegotbeef posted...
Silverfang37 posted...
My pawn Luna (Yes, Lunar The Silver Star) is in serious need of some experience. She's a lv 200 Newbie Ranger with too many 2 stars in her Beastiary. I would love for some of you to take out on a stroll or two. I'm currently working on her and trying to find her the best BBI equips i can find.

I'll taker her for a spin. Love her blue hair ^^

Thank you bro, I'll do the same with yours!
PSN//XB360- CubanGoneWild
PC- i5 2500k 3.30 ghz Quad/ 8 GB RAM/ 580 GTX

User Info: Kidwegotbeef

4 years ago#498
Thanks to the following for renting Hespera:

Akuma_818- 17,643 RC and a 5 star rating
BiGKillaR- 0 RC scrag of beast, and a 5 star rating
kubsboy- 96,701 RC BB weapon level 3 and a 5 star rating "My thanks."

Thanks again guys.
"Hey L, did you know? Angels of Death love apples."
Psn: La-Fantoma Pawn: Marisha/ Psn: XxNether_RealmxX Pawn: Hespera

User Info: RandomWordCombo

4 years ago#499
Thanks to the following folks for renting Yamato:

DingKing - 9k RC and a Portcrystal
Dskins09 - 896k RC (!!) and a BBI Lv 3 weapon.

Much appreciated! I still have Eve and Phoenix with me at the moment, unfortunately haven't had much time over the past few days to get online but i'll make up for it this week.
PSN : Arngrim1
Pawn : Yamato - Level : 200 - Vocation : Warrior

User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#500
And this makes 500. Please move to thread #12 in an orderly fashion.
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen PSN list - Nicodimus pawn: Tyrion (L200 sorcerer)
Nicodimus222 pawn: Mina (L200 mage) Nicodimus223 pawn: Nibbles (L200 ranger)
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