Help my pawn out please!

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User Info: imthesledge

4 years ago#1
Can some of you guys hire my pawn? She's a full offensive sorcerer with the best possible gear available that I have seen thus far. I think that she's level 60 or 61 (iirc I might have leveled to 61 when she was dead *sad face*). I'm trying to conquer BBI right now and she is really weighing me down. So besides hiring her, any tips as to what her inclination should be would be awesome. I'm going to be leveling her up in NG+ as well as hopefully getting some more knowledge for BBI enemies from you guys.


psn: evanthepanther
pawn: delphi
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User Info: Tycoda81

4 years ago#2
Friend me and I'll have a go. I use magic casters as secondaries. I'm about the same level as you as well. PSN Tycoda81 Pawn Tycoda (Strider)

User Info: METALJAH57

4 years ago#3
I also am around your level. feel free to take my pawn on some BBI training, and i'll be sure to return the favor.

PSN m_e_t_a_l_-JAH-57 Pawn Flamehair lvl 57 ex-mage, fighter-in-training

I maxed her skills as a mage, on rank 6 with Fighter. she has some dragonforged items

User Info: METALJAH57

4 years ago#4
You could add some of the stat boosting augments from other classes to give your pawn better defenses...

What are your current Inclinations? Mine used Guardian/ Mendicant as a Mage, and she changed to Guardian/ Scather as a Fighter.

User Info: Voelger

4 years ago#5
Friend me and I'll take her out!

Psn: chictaw
Mythlogic-Pollux 1612, Clevo P150em, i7-3720QM, 2GB GTX 680m, 16g DDR3, 128 MSata drive, 750 7200rpm HDD
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  3. Help my pawn out please!

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