By the time you get all the gear you want...

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User Info: shin89510

4 years ago#1
Are you so done with this game that it's not even worth it? - Results (19 votes)
21.05% (4 votes)
78.95% (15 votes)
This poll is now closed.
After over 350 hours and 26 carrion mantles, yet no gradual health restore enchantment, I'm done.

It now dawns on me just how much time I wasted with this expansion. Boring chore status "filler hours" doesn't make a decent game. Makes me feel like this...

I now rest in peace. At least capcom couldn't take that away from me.

This was my last capcom game and for that I rejoice. < Soul of a Troll @ 50:00

User Info: Sugiyeul

4 years ago#2
Well for me all I really wanted was an oblivion set and a hellfire set, both of which I got quickly, strangely enough, apart from the hood of oblivion. After farming for Lv.3 armour for the past 2 days its become a bit of a bore, but I'm still pleased with the game. When I get bored I experiment with alt files or do stupid things in the game such as trying to take on Daimon naked, or riding a drake.. Naked :l
"Just give me 15 more minutes, 15 for her, for her, and her, that's 45 minutes!"

User Info: brielski2468

4 years ago#3
I am thinking about finishing my NG+ (Hard), but I think being Lv. 200; pretty much ruins the game...
So I am not sure at the moment.
"It's not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do." -Claire Farron-

User Info: wachimingo

4 years ago#4
when i get bored with a game i just stop playing.
psn: oilufi | pawn: tyrion | fighter 90 | da |

User Info: Hguols

4 years ago#5
The random generation of the BBI items is a succubus. I know the lure; its hard to shake the feeling that the next item and then the next item and then the next item will be the exact fit of what you're looking for.

....only to be purifying item after item to just get what you want.

I just purified about 40 lvl3 novelties before I got 1 Elite Lantern. There wasn't relief when I got that. I just verbalized "Finally!" at my TV.
About the same with lvl3 gear before I got 1 warrior's band.... and that band didn't have the skills I wanted. I'll be trying that again later, only to probably purify another 40 items of nothing but cra.

In the process though, I did unlock all the augments, and I got a few master rings that are impressive. (one that's HP + 480 STR+90 and another one that's Stamina+480 STR+90. Ironic that they go very well together as a ring set)

Luckily, I was able to be content with certain gear, and not need to have the zomg perfect set. ...and I lucked out and got the weapons I wanted very quickly.

I've gone through the game multiple times and don't feel done. Ironically, there's always something else to do. Even things like helping people out with gifts/hires, exploring the corners and nooks and crannies of the game, mixing up strategies and fighting methods...

I do love this game.
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