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User Info: z827

4 years ago#1
Completed BBI a while back (Since I was already Level 200 when I purchased Dark Arisen) so essentially, here are some tips for those whom are new to the Isle.

Search for Opportunism and Adhesion Augments
Opportunism gives an attack boost when clinging onto enemies and Adhesion makes it harder for you to be flailed all across the place when you're clinging onto foes.
Both are necessary even for Fighters, Warriors and MKs as you would find it necessary to cling onto certain foes in the game - specifically foes like Daimon and the Dire Dragons.

Whilst some of the Skill enhancing Rings and Bands may prove useful to a Fighter, they're not exactly to die for as Dragon's Maw is easily your main skill throughout the BBI.
Fate Skewer and Blitz Strike may, however, prove to be useful to a certain extent - particularly against Corrupted Pawns or against certain foes.

Mage / Sorcerer
For Pawn Magi, it is recommended to give them a Band with Grand Andonyne - the cast time could be easily diminished with a Wyrmking Ring and the Articulacy Augment.
This would prove to be extremely useful for Arisen with a large amount of HP as regular High Andonyne wouldn't really cut it anymore.

High Grapnel may also prove to be useful for support Pawns as they could use it to drastically slow down the movements of larger foes - such as the Elder Ogre or even Daimon whom would become comically slow.

As for Sorcerers, it is advisable to obtain Grand Gicel as it would prove to be a killer spell against most foes whom are weak against Ice.

It is recommended to have, at the very least, Gicel, Maelstorm, Levin and Comestion within your arsenal.
Maelstorm would prove invaluable towards Maneaters, Eliminators, Skeleton Brutes and several other foes.
Comestion would prove to be extremely destructive towards Cursed Dragons and is the only means for you to damage Living Armour provided that they are facing the opposite direction.

Holy Spells are still terrible even with Grand Seism - which is still useless - so it is recommended to have Ferocity and a Holy Enchantment spell at the ready.

It is advisable to obtain the Ecliptic Slash and the Arc of Obliteration.
Ecliptic Slash would prove invaluable against a group of foes and the Arc of Obliteration would prove useful against certain foes if you play your cards right and you could continuously topple a Prisoner Gorecyclops with this skill.

Needless to say - obtain Thousand Kisses or Deadly Gouge.
For knife-based Assassins, it is recommended to have Masterful Kill and Gale Harness.
For sword-based Assassins, have Windmill Slash within your arsenal.
For Striders, you might want to have Leaping Stone to scale certain foes quickly and more easily.
Brain Splitter and Soaring Stone is widely optional though Brain Splitter does perform impressive damage.

Magick Archer
Ninefold Bolts and Explosive Volley would prove useful - you could even kill undead with Explosive Volley without causing it to explode with late BBI gear.
Ricochet Hunter is necessary for Magick Archers as well.
Personally, it is better to have Magick Rebalancer and Shadowsnare in BBI and obtain the strongest physical dagger in the game.

Mystic Knight
None of the rings would prove useful for the MK, unfortunately.
It is better to have the Blessed Trance, Abyssal Trance and Abysmal Anguish for your shield skills and Great Cannon, Sky Rapture (For reaching certain areas) and Full Moon Slash for your sword skills.
Abysmal Anguish would prove highly effective against quite a number of foes in the BBI - ranging from Eliminators to Gorecyclops.
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User Info: z827

4 years ago#2
Foes Guide

Giant Saurians
Same rule applies - cut the tail and smash their heads in.
Though it is to be noted that they could be clung onto as well owing to their sheer size.

It is recommended to have Pawns open the chests whilst you stand aside, ready to attack.
Maneaters are extremely weak towards Dark attacks so it is recommended for Sorcerers to cast a Maelstorm on Chests before opening them - for everyone else, just slash the Maneater when it appears.

Elder Ogre
Unlike their Gransys counterparts, these Ogres prefer men.
So it is advisable to have the more squishy characters to be female than male in the BBI.
An Elder Ogre could be easily dealt with by using the Abysmal Anguish or by using Dark/Ice related attacks.
Lightning doesn't seem to work quite as well as Dark or Ice based attacks.
It is recommended to evade all possible frontal assaults as the Ogre could potentially grab you and deal the player devastating blows.

Dangerous in numbers, Eliminators could easily knockdown the player and perform a one-hit kill move which is difficult to escape from though this seems to be somewhat bugged for Pawns as they may survive this blow.
It is recommended to attack the Eliminator while they are charging to knock them down - though blocking with your shield at the right time would also knock them down.
Having a shield is handy in such situations as a Perfect Block would temporarily throw the Eliminator off guard and Masterful Kill works fairly well against the Elminator.
Abysmal Anguish and Ice spells would work fairly well against them.

Skeleton Brutes
Fairly resilient to damage, it is advisable to kill them with Maelstorm or by striking their heads.
It is recommended for Mystic Knights to use Holy Great Cannons to deal with them or by equipping a Mace.
Same rule applies, they're weak to blunt damage, holy attacks and heights.

Golden and Silver Knights
The Silver Knights is capable of using a Red Andonyne, usually when their health or that of their fellow knights is low and Golden Knights have lower Health and are easier to kill but possesses Burst Strike which they oft use when they encounter the player.
The Knights would not truly die until all the Knights within the vicinity were killed - which means for earlier players, it is recommended to lower both of their healths accordingly to ensure their demise.

Upon death, Silver Knights would drop large amounts of Rift Crystals whereas Gold Knights would drop large amount of Gold.

Fairly resilient towards magical attacks, it is advisable to have a melee-based Pawn to deal with them if you're a Mage or Sorcerer - though using fire attacks or chucking them off great heights would work as well.
In most encounters, it is advisable to get rid of Banshees quickly as they would stun you and leave you vulnerable to more dangerous foes.

Weak against Ice.
It is recommended to hold them down so your Pawns could finish them off quickly.
Allowing them to drain your Health is the only way to obtain the Bloodred Crystal though this would also strengthen them.

Seemingly weak to Dark, it is recommended to deal with them quickly as they would heal their fellow monsters within the area.
Similar to regular harpies.

User Info: z827

4 years ago#3
Foe Guide II

Essentially a stronger form of a Cyclops.
The regular ones are easy enough to deal with - aim for the eyes and strike or use Abysmal Anguish to deal with them, Ninefold/Sixfold Bolts and Gicel works well since they're weak against Ice.
For the Prisoner Gorecyclops, different tactics are required of different Classes.

For MKs, Fighters and Warriors, it is recommended to repeatedly strike the legs.
Whilst slow, it is not advisable for these classes to scale this beast.
MKs would be able to use Abysmal Anguish to deal additional damage against this foe and Warriors could use Arc of Obliteration to lower this beast.

For MAs, it is recommended to use Ninefold or Sixfold bolts.

For Sorcerers, it is advisable to find a vantage point and repeatedly use High or Grand Gicel.

For knife-users, naturally, this is where Adhesion and Opportunism comes into play.
Repeatedly strike at it's eyes though be cautious as the Cyclops may grab you, which is easy enough to break out of but you would need to get to his eye once again.

Dire Dragons
All of the Dire Dragons in the BBI possesses the same weaknesses as their Gransys counterparts but they're also stronger and bears an aura which would damage any foes clinging onto them.
It is recommended even for Fighters,MKs and Warriors to cling onto them and strike their hearts with Opportunism equipped - this would make the fight drastically quicker and easier.

For Sorcerers, however, it is recommended to use Gicel against Drakes, Comestion against Wyrms and Wyverns.

For MAs, Wyrms could be easily dealt with by using Explosive Rivet / Volley on their hearts.

Cursed Dragon
Cursed Dragons are, naturally, weak against Holy and Fire attacks.
In place of a heart is a crystal embedded on it's chest and it is advisable to strike it directly as the Cursed Dragon is highly resilient to damage on any other parts of it's body.
Aiming a High Comestion directly at the Crystal would yield impressive damage and as for every other Classes, clinging onto it and striking the Crystals is the only way.

For MAs, however, much like the Wyrm, landing multiple Explosive shots and striking the heart would yield a large amount of damage against this foe.

Dark Bishop
Despite the "Dark" part in it's name, it is actually weak against Dark attacks.
It is recommended to have Fire/Holy and Dark elements ready for this battle as the Dark Bishop would use a weaker Cursed Dragon as it's minion.
Destroying the Cursed Dragon is a priority - then, mount an offensive against the Bishop.
The Bishop would be stunned once it is purged out of the Cursed Dragon's body after possessing it - leaving a room of opportunity for players to land Thousand/Hundred Kisses and various other melee attacks on it.
MKs could easily destroy both foes with an enchanted Great Cannon and Maelstorm works well on the Bishop.

Poisoned Undead
Notably weak towards Holy and Fire spells and is rather resilient towards physical attacks.
Whilst not a difficult foe to battle against, it is extremely tough to kill owing to it's sheer amount of defense and HP.
It is recommended for melee Arisen to have a Pawn with Holy/Fire enchantment to deal with such a foe.

User Info: z827

4 years ago#4
Foe Guide III

Living Armour
Regular magic attacks wouldn't work against the Living Armour in it's initial form - only melee attacks, the MA's bow spells and High Comestion would work against it.
When the armour is rent and broken, only spells would work.
The MA's bow would still work regardless of which form it is in and by this point of time, all melee attacks are rendered useless and melee weapons with enchantment would only yield minimal effects.

Great Cannon would also work against this foe but the shield would block frontal assaults so it is recommended to strategically plant the Great Cannons and lure it to the other side.

Naturally, they're weak against Holy attacks.
They're quite similar to the phantoms but they're stronger and far more resilient than their ghostly counterparts.
Wraiths, however, does not seem capable of performing Possession nor Cursing and could only Drench it's foes by flying through them - though they do perform notable damage when clinging onto their foes and the damage seems to be attributed to Possession resistance.
Holy enchanted physical weapons would not work well against them but spells would.

High damage and HP but behave somewhat like regular wolves movement-wise - though they do have a lunge-attack which could potentially send the player flying into the air which would cost quite a large amount of HP.
Their toxic breathes would cause blindness and note that they would spew this noxious fume even upon death.
They're also weak to Lightning and like regular wolves, they would roll on their backs when they're on fire which leaves you a chance to deal additional damage.
It is recommended to cling onto them as this would leave you much less exposed to their attacks and being somewhere on the ruff of their necks is a good place to strike at them since their weakness lies in their heads.
Using Ricochet Hunter in narrow corridors would wipe them out extremely quickly as well.
They're also fairly susceptible to freezing.

Behave similarly to regular wolves but is capable of dealing poison damage to their enemies.
Fairly agile but they're not really that difficult to kill.

Worms which might cause a defense and attack drop if you're exposed to it's death goop.
Not difficult to kill but they're extremely annoying and the defense drop would be a bother for Arisen whom have low defense to begin with.

User Info: z827

4 years ago#5
Foes Guide IV

The presence of this being is easily noted by the chimes on the background and it's lantern.
Whilst hard to kill, this foe isn't exactly that difficult to fight against as it only possesses two attacks.
When the lantern becomes purple, it would cause anything within it's area of effect to fall asleep unless you have sleep resistances - this would essentially allow you to land free blows on Death.

The second move is when it raises it's lantern above it and prepares it's scythe for a killing blow against all surrounding foes - even enemies are not spared from it's grasp of death.

For MAs, it is recommended to use Ninefold Bolts, Explosive Volley/Rivet or Ricochet Hunter depending on the circumstances.
Great Cannon for MKs, Dragon's Maw for Fighters and Explosive Arrows for Striders/Rangers/Assassins.

Periapts are recommended.

Daimon is fast despite his size and possesses lethal melee and magick attacks.
It is recommended to use holy attacks against him and his head is his weakness.
For Sorcerers and Magus, you have little choice but to enchant your weapon with holy element and continuously use the charged attack against him with Ferocity equipped.

For everyone else - cling onto his head and strike it repeatedly.
When he uses his Rift attack, the safest way to deal with him is to CLING onto him.
You would not be sucked into it and this gives you a great opportunity to land even more blows to stun Daimon.

Note that if you fail to kill him when his health is low, he would start using High Seism and Bolide, causing the battle to become even more difficult than before.

Awakened Daimon
Awakened Daimon is much slower compared to his previous form but he also becomes more damaging and resilient to damage.
His claws have an impossibly large range and it is advisable to evade it either by moving closer to Daimon or further from him.

He also possesses Levin, Ingle and Comestion - as well as Petrification spells within his arsenal.

Again, it is recommended to cling onto Daimon's newly emerged head and strike at it to deal considerable damage - though it is to be noted that Daimon may try to knock you down by wreathing his body in flames, with his claws or by using Levin.

His Rift attack also grows to be of a much greater scale - drawing in foes much more forcefully and from a larger scale than ever before but the same rule applies - cling onto Daimon and strike at his head to stun him.

For Sorcerers, unfortunately, you have little choice but to use the same tactic against him.

It is also to be noted that having a Pawn with High Grapnel would prove useful as this would drastically slow down Daimon and Pawns with Fracture Darts would deal considerable damage towards him as well.

User Info: kah

4 years ago#6
I'm gonna say that the Magic Archer flare is ****ing almost necessary in BBI, because of all the stupid water areas that will make your lantern go out every 10 footsteps if you accidentally roll or climb a ledge that happens to have a small stream on it. Sucks to drop an arrow spell, but it's a quality of life change.

User Info: Bouke

4 years ago#7
kah posted...
I'm gonna say that the Magic Archer flare is ****ing almost necessary in BBI, because of all the stupid water areas that will make your lantern go out every 10 footsteps if you accidentally roll or climb a ledge that happens to have a small stream on it. Sucks to drop an arrow spell, but it's a quality of life change.
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User Info: z827

4 years ago#8
kah posted...
I'm gonna say that the Magic Archer flare is ****ing almost necessary in BBI, because of all the stupid water areas that will make your lantern go out every 10 footsteps if you accidentally roll or climb a ledge that happens to have a small stream on it. Sucks to drop an arrow spell, but it's a quality of life change.

Drenching isn't that big of a deal to be honest - particularly if you have Pawns around.
I played through BBI with every class (Since I'm a balanced Level 200) and as long as you have Pawns run about long enough to give you time to relight your Lamp - or just run over to a light source for the matter - you're pretty much back on your feet.

If you don't think that's enough, however, the Ward arrow would pretty much get rid of the Drenching status effect and provide benefits to boot.
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User Info: Troutfisch

4 years ago#9
Wow, great info - bookmarked for future use, thanks for sharing!
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User Info: kodels

4 years ago#10
this is really good info, much more in-depth than just looking at wiki. might i suggest you adding level or equipment recommendation? at least for the bare minimum. but other than that good info :D
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