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User Info: z827

4 years ago#11
kodels posted...
this is really good info, much more in-depth than just looking at wiki. might i suggest you adding level or equipment recommendation? at least for the bare minimum. but other than that good info :D

Level recommendation isn't something which I could do considering that I played Dark Arisen at Level 200 and as for equipment... well, it's recommended for Arisens to, at the very least, have Everfall gear when starting the BBI but it is recommended for them to immediately swap to Tier 2 equipment.
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User Info: valkyriePROfail

4 years ago#12
From my experience, the minimum level recommendation for Daimon 1st form only, no less than 50 and, at least, one OP strider pawn with hailstrom volley.

For 2nd form no less than 90 and two OP striders/ranger pawns for the matter.

This considering normal mode and no blast arrows.

Hard mode would take at least 20-50 levels more in each case (considering a minimum stamina needed for cancelling vortex with bow shots or climbing matters.
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