Can someone hire my pawn

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User Info: tranthuc88

4 years ago#11
since i am an assassin and my main pawn is ranger, i am also using noet7078's pawn soccerer, so i am looking for a strong tanker ( fighter or warrior is ok). Thanks.
PSN : tranthuc88
Main pawn : Ngoc Nguyen ( ranger, she also max out warrior, strider and fighter)

User Info: ArcDerek

4 years ago#12
Hey J0RD, I was up way too late last night replaying through the first few BBI levels with Sahara. She’s a solid support mage, effectively casting Anodyne when necessary and spamming Grand Frigor like a champ. I forgot to release her before hitting the hay, but I’ll get around to that this evening after continuing through a few more levels so you can get the RC bump. I’m hoping to grab the 3 remaining Macabre Sculptures (damn fortress of remembrance – I didn’t think to check the locations on the wiki for my first run) and grab some more BBI lvl. 3 equipment.
PSN: HereticD
Currently Playing: Dragon's Dogma - Dark Arisen, Metal Gear Rising, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
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  3. Can someone hire my pawn

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